Monday, May 2, 2011

Gorgeous Non-Maternity Choices for those In the Family Way.

Ugh. Tis to the thought of having to dress up a big tummy, peeps. Have you SEEN what is out there for the mommies to be of the world? SERIOUSLY - and yes, it's completely worthy of the all caps. Most of the clothing is blah. & I have to point this out, but for peeps like moi, who are small-busted normally and stay that way through pregnancy - those maternity dresses with HUGE tops in the bust area are trop matronly, and so not in a good way. I also hate the thought of dropping the Benjamins on dresses I'll only wear for the next few months, non? Better to invest in pieces that you can wear again and again!

Here are some non-maternity pieces that I'm dubbing Moi-Approved for those in the family way this summer. I'll admit I'm dating a few.

All from Anthro. God Bless Anthro.

I seriously HEART this peach/dusty pink dress. I love the flow, I love the color, I love the sleeves, I love the neckline. Plus, how cute will this be later? Yes, maternity (and non-maternity) never looked so good.

What to wear with such a fabulous dress??

Hey, Mommies-to-Be still need to get their summer swim on and I'm not too shy to show off a little baby bump. With some sun screen on the belly, bien sur.

Okay, hate me if you must, but I am so intrigued by this striped, off-the-shoulder dress! This is Hawaii, completely. With the hat! One must have the fedora with it. Love it.

Okay, and the best for last... How gorgeous is this dress??? How ridiculously fabulous is this dress? The only thing that could utterly compare? The serious price tag, that's what. Ugh, but if the shoe fits... and it makes the belly look good? & you can totally rock this with a baby on your hip and still feel like a million bucks? Sooo worth it.

I think the Budget Police, aka Hubs, would be okay with 2 of the three dresses and either the wedges or the bikini. So which do you think would make the cut?

Tell me which you'd go with!


  1. I love that striped number, but it is tres expensive, IMO. Of course, you may want do do yourself a splurge. I did with a Kate Spade zebra baby bag, that I lurves.

    I totally wore Old Navy skirts and dresses during my pregnancy. And, I really went the non-maternity route for most things, too.

    Hope you're feeling good!!!

  2. Have you tried Japanese Weekend Maternity? I am also small busted and their stuff was great--non-maternity looking but with elastic and roominess in all the right places. After having my two I sold all of it at a tag sale to several unsuspecting non-maternity customers--highly recommended! Hope you are feeling well! Looking forward to seeing the updates to your bar area ;)