Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Raging Pregnancy Hormones Bring on the Weirdest Cravings...

Like for rehabbing furniture. Forget pickles and ice cream. I want to take this random Craiglist find:

& turn it into to this:
Photo from sfgirlbybay's gorgeous blog. Her post today on the shades of turquoise in a home is an inspiring color that only makes the cravings worse!

Alas, Hubs says I have too many projects on my plate right now and I hate it when he's right. So I'll have to file this one for later remember this glorious color and find another awesome piece like this when I don't have twenty million things already going on.


  1. You need to file it away on Pinterest.com if you're not there already! It's so fun. And I love the aqua and orange. One of my favorite combos. :)

  2. Oh wooooow, I love the orange with the turquoise! It looks so modern and refreshing!