Thursday, May 12, 2011

When Fiscal Reality Butts Itself into your House Design Dreams

Peeps, don't you hate it when fiscal reality butts itself into your house design dreams? I do. I soooo do. So I've come to a final choice in the libary/bar/sitting room situation and it was definitely, hands down, the turquoise and grey combination that had me at hello. I've refined the original Olioboard to come to something that revolves more around what I would love to be surrounded by.
library bar sitting room 2

Now what I'm pretty proud of is that I've sourced the Pottery Barn slipcovered loveseat (remember, this was a large dining room, but it's still a smaller space overall), the vintage Hawaiian rattan chairs, and the mid-century modern Monkey Pod wood coffee table either off of Craigslist at a steal of a price, or by the hand-me-down method. I plan to do the same with the dresser and source it off of Craigslist and distress and paint it myself.

As for the rest of the room, I'm sticking to a recent philosophy of raising funds. I believe in The Clean House Method of financing, peeps. Meaning, to bring something new into my home, something else needs to go. I just need a big 'ole flower in my hair like Niecy Nash and I'd be ready to go. In the past, I've Craiglisted, I've garage sale'd, I've sold pieces to friends. Hubs being the neat freak he is completely approves of this method, bien sur.

Niecy you go girl!

One thing about Olioboard -- and Polyvore was the same way -- I tend to choose pieces that I like just by looking at it, vice finding something that fits my budget. So somehow in my extremely budgeted little space, I've added a $700+ light fixture and a garden stool / side table that runs somewhere above $349. WTF. Don't you hate that???

*Hair Toss*

Anyway. It means now I'll have to scour, peeps. I'll have to search my little heart out for pieces that are budget-worthy and swoon-worthy at the same time. Beyond those two extreme-priced items that are waaaay out of my budget, I'm proud to say the rest of the room is coming together within budget. The killer white and charcoal grey fabric to recover those rattan chairs? Under $7 a yard and made of cotton duck --- not bad. The turquoise and white fabric I'm choosing for a throw pillow here and there? $8 a yard. Again, a deal! The dresser has a budget of about $100 or less. The majority of the budget is going to the area rug ($258 at Shades of Light) and the electrician who'll be installing those track lights for the family photo Gallery Wall.

Well, I better start planning my next Craigslist purge. I've got some rooms that need to be prettied up!


  1. I love the print in your collage, do you know who it is by?

    I also have expensive tastes, you put me in a store and allow me one item and I always seem to pick the most expensive item. A similar vintage piece might be the way to go to save a little dough.

  2. Hi! It's Premier Prints Chipper Slub in Charcoal. Try or Amazon and it's $6.98 a yard!

    And I know what you mean about the vintage piece - the best part is doing the work is going to be fun! Thanks for commenting!

  3. GREAT color choice, turquoise means Tiffany: "Breakfast at Marisa's house"!!

    My favorite pieces are:

    #1 Gallery Wall
    #2 Rug. Fantastic!
    #3 Chandelier
    # drummer ( how did you find this color?)
    # chest
    # coral is another fantastic piece

    I can't wait to see the final result. Also, I can't wait to start to decorate my house. I have great ideas to share.

  4. I know you'll put together a BEAUTIFUL house!! The garden stool / drum is through I loved the color, too. If I end up buying one, though, I'll need to find something more in the price range / budget and will probably end up at They have a really nice white one that I have my eye on, too. :0)