Sunday, May 29, 2011

Let's Talk Baby: The Sip & See

While my mom busily prepares my second Baby Shower, I'm considering have a Sip & See once the little one is born for everyone else who can't attend.

Peeps, I had no idea what a Sip & See was. My Little Guy is almost 8 years old, and the Sip & See wasn't even a glimmer in her daddy's eye way back then. Apparently now they are a practical -- and fun, need to throw that out there -- way of introducing Baby to the galloping hordes of older aunties, lady friends and cousins who can't wait to meet your little bun, freshly baked and out of the oven.

{My attempt at invitation making. I'm not the most creative, but sometimes I try!}

The MIL is encouraging me to have one, and I think we're going down that path for one main reason --- I hate the Pop In. I do, peeps and I'll admit it shamelessly. While I love, love, love my dear family and friends, I selfishly don't want the occasional stop over to see my newborn. Awful, I know. This is where the Sip & See comes in. Everyone comes over at one time, gets to see the little one, and I avoid the majority of drop-in visits. It's win-win, I tell you.

Anyone else have a Sip & See for the little bundle of joy? Any tips or pointers? I've got Grandma hosting but it will be held at our house, of course and most of the organization has been volunteered by moi. If you have any tips or hints even if you didn't have a Sip & See, let me know! I'd love to hear!!


  1. My cousin had a baby shower for #1 and a sip & see for #2. She was happy w/both. I asked her if she let people touch/hold the baby. Unlike Phaedra/Real Housewives of ATL that was heavy on the "see" part of the party. Her baby rocked in a swing. *lol* I really like the idea of the sip & see because you get a bunch of people over in one shot. However, my concern would be about a ton of germs being around at one time. yuck! Looking forward to hearing about yours. When are you due?

  2. Hey gigi, yup I'm with you on the germs part of the program. I'm due Aug 19th but will probably end up delivering about a week earlier. Issues with high blood pressure prevail in my case. I'm also a little heavy on the See part of it, LOL! I just made 28 weeks and I've literally done NOTHING that would count towards feathering the nest for the baby. :0P But it will all come together on time, I'm sure! How are you and how far along are you? Your photos on your blog have you looking great!!

  3. I had a bad bout w/sciata, but between chiro and some exercises, I am feeling great. I feel soooo much better as of the last couple of days. I'm 25 wks, so I'll have to remember that we're so close. I'm curious if I'll end up having her at 39 wks or the doctor will wait till 40 wks. We'll see. I hear you on getting organized. I have a feeling that I'm going to be running around a lot during July. :)

  4. I didn't realize we were that close in due dates - (^_^)

    Good to hear you are feeling better. Pregnancy is not easy as it is and to couple that with other issues (pregnancy related or not) is hard. I'll be running around in July, too. I have the crib picked out, the dresser, the chair. It's just a matter of cleaning out that room of the stuff that's there now. I guess that's worth a post or two (or five).