Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Lil' Something Something

My material for my vintage Hawaiian chairs have arrived! I chose Premier Prints' Chipper Slub in Charcoal, which ran me just under $7 a yard and I have to tell you the initial reaction is positive. I wanted something that ran a little "Ikat," plus go along with my Library/Bar idea.

I put the material against the chair and I really like the contrast it brings.

I'm digging the modern pacific coastal vibe that's coming together!

Speaking of coastal vibes, how fabulous are these lovely jewels from Target's Calypso St. Barths line? The vibrancy in the colors just drew me in and had me at hello. I literally saw the sparkle off the glass from the corner of my eye and made a beeline straight to them with my shopping cart making tracks in the process. Under $4 a piece for these cute little tumblers? Worth it! Makes a glass of water feel absolutely dramatic and relaxing at the same time!

Even the living room got a little somethin' somethin' this weekend. My lamp order from arrived and I am so happy! Jamie Young Tripod Table Lamp.

Up close and personal. I love those tripod legs!

Even the yard got a little pick me up. Here in the tropics, what is "normal" may not be so for most peeps. We got a wax ginger shrub put in our yard. It adds a little pop of color, and the flower is so pretty.

My Little Guy decided to start a little container garden. Here, a spotlight on his baby arugula.

My Little Farmer's cache.


  1. You are so mod! Vous ete faaaaaabulous!

  2. Oh thank you, dahling!! Having so much fun putting it all together. Found a dresser/buffet which I plan to paint and distress a bit, beach style. That's for the next post - stoked to see it come together!

  3. That is a unique lamp and I love it!!! girl girl girl, you are shopping on careful so you don't turn out giltholic like me!!!

  4. It's too late - I'm already a giltaholic... Kids and Home section. That's my weakness!

  5. i love the fabric on that chair- it looks awesome! thank you for all your wonderful comments on my blog! have a great night! well, in hawaii it's prob mid-day, but you get it. :)

  6. Hi Cassie! Thanks for stopping by - thanks for all the inspirational ideas!