Friday, February 20, 2009

The eBay Letdown

So bummed.  Do you ever have the eBay letdown?  Where you completely believed the auction was yours, hands down, no question.  Only to find out that the witching hour came - and went - with you losing your newest obsesh by mere pennies?!  
That is so me at this moment.  I am in a complete funk!  I lost the very cute (and new) meringue top from J.Crew by $1.36.  I bid a max of $20, and as of my leaving for work this morning, I was in the lead by, oh, $9.  I blame going to work!  
Meringue top in Pewter
Meringue top in Pewter - by nojcrewinjapan on

Really, it wasn't my absolute favorite top this season, but for $20, I could have totally styled this in a way that would have seemed si parfait with my version of "relaxed chic."  The more I think about the top, the more vexed I get.  I keep thinking why didn't I just bid $30?  That would still have been more than 50% off the current price on the website.  But the devil's advocate in me says someone could have easily bid - and won - by $1.36.  Again.  Where does it end, this vicious cycle?  Darn eBay for ruining my perfect Friday night!

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