Friday, February 20, 2009

Wearing Today 2.20.09

It being a gloomy Friday today, I decided to add some joie de vivre by wearing my gorgeous and new linen silk v-neck from J.Crew.  I am so happy with this sweater.  As I hoped, the texture is thin, "slubby," and very relaxed.  It is designed to be a little loose and fits TTS.  The color is a little more subdued IRL but still looked like a pop of color juxtaposed to my Super 120 black trousers.  The ensemble was pretty simple today.  To cap off the look I wore my J.Crew starfish charm bracelet.  This rolled out Summer '08 and was purchased on sale.  I haven't worn it since last August and I'm happy to see it has come out to play again.  I couldn't find a photo of the bracelet in Polyvore, so I chose another bracelet that captures its spirit as best I could here.  

Tiffany Blue...
Tiffany Blue... - by nojcrewinjapan on

To finish off the look, I carried my Thompson tote in the metallic guava color.  My 2009 planner this year is from Tiffany (*I am obsessed with paper*) and decided to throw it in the mix with a Tiffany pen I received as a birthday gift last year from my mom.

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