Thursday, February 26, 2009

Current Obsession: J.Crew's Newest Arrivals

Popped onto the website today and see that the site has nicely been refreshed with new goodies for us to ogle. I see a lot of the items we've been discussing in detail on Alexis' blog for the last couple of months (that sherbet colored satin bag, the sparkly zebra tee, to name a few). In all honesty, I can look at most of it and say, "meh." But there are few that have caught my eye. Smart little purchases that I can see taking me through the summer.

First, the belt is cute. It will add something, I think, to existing outfits. I love how J.Crew incoporates the flowers into their accessories. I like this because it's leather. I'm a little over the fabric belts of yore. & I have tons of them. I liked that this was going to last and had some detail to the petals. Since I wear a lot of cardis "cinched" with skinny belts, I think this would work pretty well into my M-F wardrobe and break up the work week monotony, too.

I really like this jacket. The collar adds something and the sleeves are weather-appropriate for Okinawa's hot summers. Seriously, today was 88 degrees. In February. I like how this looks with the vintage denim. That slouchy look is like a siren song to me. I'm also envisioning the jacket and former belt mentioned above together, with the denim. I think it'd be a cute look.

I love this yellow dress. I've loved this yellow dress since it first showed up on the site, when J.Crew was pushing the Michelle cardi worn "4 ways." 'Memba that? This dress is pricey and so I realistically don't see myself getting it any time soon. But it is so gorgeous and just says, "Summer.

Finally, the zebra tee. An easy, breezy purchase under $40. I think it's cute. I honestly don't like the sparkly one. There's too much color for me. But this one, with its muted shades, is doable.
What do you think? What were your favorites?

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