Saturday, February 21, 2009

Newest Members to My Closet: The Vita Cami & The Tissue Pleated Top

Yey me!  I was able to score the Vita cami in FS in the blue color for $29.99.  I would say this is rather triumphant as it takes major FS-Stalking in order to come up with results like that.  I mean this cami isn't always there.  & in the blue, too!  I'm envisioning them with either the vintage distressed denim or the boyfriend khakis rolled up above the ankles a la Jenna Lyons Mazeau.  For further "dressing up" I could style with the Merino rosette cardi in navy, like a modern day twinset of sorts.  A belt cinching the cardi and the cami would be really cute.  I'll have to polyvore the whole thing for the full effect.  
newest - by nojcrewinjapan on

The other goodie I got was the Tissue Pleated top in white.  I have to thank Elegant Mom for agreeing on the blush color with me, but in the end, I chose the white as a basic.  
I'm excited to be receiving these in the mail! 
What do you think of my newest lovelies?


  1. Congratulations!! I also found the Vita Cami this a.m.! I searched on price point and boo! there it was.

    I had the tisse tee in Navy but returned it because of the low scoop. I'll get it if it gets marked down low because I do love the look of the front of the top.

    Thanks for posting and have a great weekend. Lucky you - your weekend has already started. :)

  2. Very cool - glad to hear that someone was lucky as me. I hope the tissue top will be ok. Thanks for posting!!