Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Current Obsession: The Tissue Pleated Top

I think this set sums up everything I'm loving right now. First, the colors are great. I find myself really drawn to the blush pinks and muted charcoals. Pairing them with white appears so clean. I think I might have to buy this top. I can't go on enough about the great tees J.Crew seems to be offering this spring. I've never purchased so many tees before. I'm usually not a "tee" kind of gal, save for the gym or yoga. But each one seems to just scream casual chic in the breeziest way. I'm in love. Now to decide on what color to buy, because at $45 a shirt, mama can only afford to buy one.

pleated tissue top
pleated tissue top - by nojcrewinjapan on

Which do you prefer? The charcoal grey look or the blush pink hues?


  1. I prefer the blush pink hues. So summery!!!

  2. Go for the pink. You can always find a variety of tops in black to choose from.