Sunday, March 15, 2009

Attacked By Fur, or a Word of Advice: Think Twice Before You Get a Shiba

Many of you may not be familiar with the Shiba Inu.  I didn't know what they were until I got one.   Then I got another.  Obviously I am a glutton for punishment.  But my puppy was the cutest puppy you ever did see.  Back before the real baby, and back before we were Mr. & Mrs., we made the decision to get a fur baby together.  We were serious about it.  We took online quizzes (Highly scientific process, I know) to determine what was the best match for us.  We took these exams independently of each other (I told you, it was scientific) so that we wouldn't be influenced by the other person's answers.  & then when we compared notes, we found we liked the same Mystery Dog.  I say that because we both had never heard of the breed before.  So.  Being the logical people we are, we locate said Shiba Inu puppy.  Since we were in Hawaii and Hawaii is a rabies-free state, our puppy came in from New Zealand... This is pretty common in Hawaii to have breeders bring in dogs from New Zealand or Australia, which are also rabies-free areas.  
Anyway, I digress.  Life was good for a year with Kaya.  Our first baby.  We loved him so much, we got Rocky.  Here they are.

We totally love our fur babies.  But there is a line.  A fine line.  & it's drawn in fur, I swear.  Because shiba inus blow their coats, a la this:
& it is miserable for their owners.  Because I'm vacumming.  & swiffering.  & swiffer-vacuuming (oh, BTW, the Swiffer-Vac is the most amazing invention since, I don't know, the straight-iron.  It is literally my ultimate favorite thing in the house.  Especially now).  We are surrounded in fur!  There are fur-balls.  Like tumble weeds.  & I can't get them into the groomers because of "booking issues."  
& BTW, don't take online quizzes to determine your dog breed of choice.  My quiz said that my shiba would like water (they both HATE it), didn't shed too much (LIARS, flat out LIARS), and was not high maintenance (Talk to my VET BILLS, GROOMING BILLS and everything in between).  
Though I talk about them that way, my life would be so strange without them.  As in, I would have a clean house.  More money.  Room to move in my bed at night.  An open seat on the couch.  But no love!!  & they are sweeties.  But I am thisclose to shaving them. 


  1. Summer is coming. Shave is a great idea! Your house floor will appreciate it!