Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today's Wears 3.11.2009

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I almost returned this dress. I bought it because I fell in love with the back of the dress. I already had the Super 120s Blair dress in black, so there was no reason to buy this. & then to my horror, when it showed up, after all my anxious post office visits, it fit HORRIBLY. But I think I lost a little weight. Or I waited too long to return the thing, and it went on final sale. So I gave it a second chance. & voila! It fit really cute. Or so says a very good friend who would tell me otherwise if it looked awful. Despite my "fat" worries, I enjoyed the compliments. & I'm glad I didn't return it.

The outfit: Wool Garbadine Suiting dress in black, J.Crew.  Juliet heels in Pale Almond, J.Crew.  Pearl Cluster bracelet, J.Crew.  Skinny patent leather belt in black, J.Crew.  & the bag, mais oui, is from J.Crew.  What can I say?  I am obsessed.  

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  1. You looked amazing today! You should take a picture and see how many compliments you will get.