Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Current Obsession: Shades of Grey...or in my case, J.Crew's Pewter color

obsessed 3.04.2009
obsessed 3.04.2009 - by nojcrewinjapan on

**Sigh.** I am so not supposed to be shopping, or even looking, at J.Crew. I told myself to be good. But the Frenchie slicker and this skirt have caught my eye. I am envisioning the different combinations I can polyvore with the skirt. Oh the multiple uses I could get out of it! How it would be multi-functional -- not just a one hit wonder -- no! It would be able to be worked into and styled in a myriad of ways. But yet, I shouldn't be shopping. I am supposed to be outfitting my new house by the beach. Or how's this for something truly new:

Don't Shop at All!

I've seen many the JCA who has set herself with the no shopping challenge. & I admire them. I know if I even tried, it would be like setting myself up for failure. 
Baby steps. I atleast want to see if I can wait for a coupon code. & something more than just Free Shipping. I want percentages

I hope Mr. Drexler is listening. 

Sir! I would buy so much more with excellent coupon codes for the website! Like 30% off! Or 40% off! On regular priced merchandise and not just the dreaded Final Sale! With warmest regards, Marisa.


  1. You crack me up! I do agree with your's all about the 30%!!!
    Tonight, my husband and I are going to have a SERIOUS conversation about my addiction....JCrew.