Saturday, March 14, 2009

Current Obsession: Anthropologie's Bedding and Curtains in Celadon & Turquoise

Sigh... In a break from opening boxes, I had the brilliant idea of perusing the Anthropolgie website... never a good idea.  I can never break myself away from it.  Everything is gorgeous in that I-Could-Live-So-Simply-Yet-In-An-Understatedly-Elegant sort of way. ... mmm.. That way seems to always involve grandmother-closet-chic at exorbitant, inflated price points.  Simple-Yet-Elegant is always expensive...why is that?? Well, here are my favorites this morning... that I am holding myself back from busting out the plastic for:

Behold the fabulousness that is the Spiral Vine Curtain.  A paltry (**dripping sarcasm**) $98.00-$118.00 per curtain.  I want these.  I need these.  But are my choices to shell out $500 for 4 panels??  Insanity.  I would need the 96" versions, for sure.  & I would need 4.  But I looooooove them.  I really do.  I love the colors.  I love that white runneth through the design - the easier to match it with other things in the living room.  & oh yes, I want these for the living room.  Think it a bit much?  My entire downstairs is in a color I like to call oatmeal.  Oatmeal is code for boring beige.  If you recall from prior posts, my downstairs living area looks like this:

Beige walls and what I would consider to be cherry-colored floors and open stairs.  They are crying for some color.  My couch.. is rocking the Quaker Oats scheme.  A chair... yup, same thing.  Other furniture?  Some Chinese antique stuff I was able to pick, all darker woods.  So I guess you could say I've got oatmeal, white, and browns going on.  & the green coming from outside and the blues from the ocean across the street.  
So you see?  Do you see??  I'm thinking how perfect would these curtains be!  A little bit of whimsy amongst a serious yet casual backdrop.  
Switching gears, er, rooms, let us turn the discussion to the Quintana Roo Bedding.  $228.00 for a King quilt.  $58.00 for each Euro sham.  As much as I love Anthropologie, I think they're on crack if they think I'm able in this shiteous of economic times to purchase said bedding at said price point.  Seriously!  This calls for a "WTF."  Now, I have to say I loooooove the quilt.  The celadon and the turquoise thing continuing upstairs would be peaceful yet vibrant, adding that bon vivant thing I would want in a bedroom (you know, energetic and perky, yet casual and tranquil at the same time).  However the prices leave me only to dream about it.  How fitting.  
And alas, the Celadon Trellis Bedding.  $248.00 for the King duvet and $58.00 for each Euro sham.  You get it.  The color thing continues.  Even in the name.  Now absolutely dreamy would it be to have the duvet here AND the Quintana Roo quilt from above??  Now if you lived across the street from the beach, and you had hermit crabs roaming your back yard (Big suckers, too), would this not be the most tempting thing you ever did see?  Would you not want to just pull the trigger on this??  

I do, but I am a realist.  & I know spending a thousand dollars at Anthropologie, well... I'd have to be on crack.  But a girl can dream.  

What do you think?  Anybody like the color scheme?  Anybody out there would actually purchase said items with my home in mind?  


  1. The Spiral Vine Curtain is just something else, love the colors!

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    I have nominated your blog for a Lemonade Award. You can see your blog mentioned by going to my blog. My latest post has 8 of my favorite blogs nominated for this award.

  3. Its looking fine, you can find more designer Modern Bedding here…..

  4. I love those curtains. Funny enough, I am on the prowl for something similar because I don't have the heart to shell out the cash for them. Good luck!