Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grrr, Baby, Very Grrr.

What does it say about you, or moi, in this case, that I would prefer to present my OOTD in a blur, rather than clear and crisp? Oh the deep intonations, ladies. I think now that my certification exams are done **crosses fingers and toes** I've gone off the deep end with nothing else to ponder except IRL pics.

Artistic Expression? Or just can't focus the camera before a full cup of coffee? Your guess.

Wearing Today:
Head to Toe J.Crew... Surprise Surprise!
Jackie Cardigan in Champagne
Studded Skinny Belt in that cross between lilac and blush pink that came out recently over the winter roll-out.
Watercolor Leopard Dress ...
A jumble of bangles.. all J.Crew
& the BUG PIN from Fall 08

Ladies, I love me the Bug Pin. I don't wear it often, but I think it is so odd that I simply can't help myself. In a world where we all take ourselves so seriously, I look down at my little bug and think how fabilis it is to have some whimsy in my life. Even if it is in the form of a goofy, ill-sewn and falling apart bug pin.

& while we are talking about bugs, I have to digress onto animal prints. I was never an animal print type of gal. I like my solid colors. I like to play it safe. The only other real "print" I have is the J.Crew Collection Serengeti dress from Fall 08. But this dress is such a cool bunch of shades of purple, I just had to have it. & the material is something so different. It's very structured, which is interesting because the color and the look is so girly. See it reviewed by Dina at My Superfluities.

Closeup of the details - belt, bug, and bangles

Shoes: Charlie Ruffled Heels, J.Crew

Last but not least, I received a wonderful birthday present from my girl Soraya, at The Outfit of the Day. I don't know about you all, but I love stationary. I am a paper ho, if you will. You give me some good paper products and I'll love you long time. In this digital day and age, loving paper is a dying art, I think. Well, I digress. My gift was comprised of note cards from The English Tea Paperie, set with a gorgeous heel and my name at the center. Check out her wonderful blog and see what she has to offer because I can tell you first-hand this made my day. They are gorgeous! On top of that, TOOTD hooked me up with a sweet little Coach wristlet and a book, A Guide to Elegance, in my favorite color, Tiffany Blue. The wristlet will work miracles for moi, who is always traipsing around with my iPod Touch, keys, money, and ID Cards - this is a perfect solution - and the book is something I can't wait to crack open on a lazy Saturday on my deck with a glass of white wine.

What a wonderful finish to my exam day.


  1. Thank you so much for your compliments on my work. I am so glad the notes arrived safely in Japan! Loving your blog BTW!

  2. Cloggsy you are very welcome - they are great and I can't wait to use them!

  3. I HEART animal prints--they just spice up any outfit! And you are lookin' SPICY HOT in this dress--it seems to fit you perfectly missy!

  4. Roar! You look FANTASTIC. (I hope you will understand if I steal your styling ideas...)

    Aren't Chloe's cards the best? So pretty and bright, just like her! :)

    Thanks for the shout-out, btw!!!

  5. I just received that same dress in the mail not too long ago - I can't wait to wear it! You look fantastic in it.

    Yay for fab gifts! I love Chloe's note cards, I have 3 sets myself and I want more!

  6. I love that dress on you and would have never paid it any attention until now. It looks so classic with the cardi and the studded belt, and not to mention those awesome shoes!! Totally made it work!

  7. What a lovely gift! I also love getting note cards. I am probably the only Mom that sends get out of school notes on pretty printed note cards with an envelope!

    I am sure you did great on your exam!

  8. Yogagirl, I never thought I liked or could pull off animal prints but they're growing on me! & I'm with you -- purple rocks!

    Dina, if it wasn't for your review I would have never considered this dress! Share and share alike with the styling tips!

    Summer, I can foresee myself buying more of these, they are beautiful. The Eiffel Tower ones next, I just can't decide on font and color! Love them!

    DEA, the dress is worth it! Esp if you can grab it with an added discount. I picked this one up with the added 20% off over the holidays and -- you know me -- I just get all happy when I get something on sale! If you get it, drop me a line to let me know!

    Kathy, I hope I did ok on the exams. If for the only reason being just not to have to study anymore!! Ugh, I love the idea of the handwritten note. & people appreciate those little touches!

  9. I'm not an animal print person either, but I think you picked the right ones to rock! The Serengeti print from '08 was gorgeous, and so is this one! And I rather like your blurry shots, although my only complaint is that I can't see the beautiful detailing on your outfit too well, haha! And ah, the bug pin. I don't know how I feel about it, but if it brings joy to you, then who am I to judge? After all, clothes (and accessories!) should bring joy! Soraya was so sweet to send you that package - and I agree that loving paper is rare nowadays. But there's something about the tactile experience of holding paper that makes it so... enriching. That's why I still handwrite letters (though on scraps of notebook paper and not gorgeous stationary like yours!) and buy magazines and books.

  10. What a great gift & beautiful notecards! The dress looks great.

  11. You are so nice! I am very happy to see that you really liked the choices I got for you!!!!

  12. Amy, I know I know, the details... but I love the whole Virgin Suicides vibe of the hazy photo. :-)

    Gigi, Thanks!

    TOOTD, Girl I LOVE the choices you are the best!

  13. you look amazing in the dress! and i think the bluriness adds a bit of an artistic effect to the photos :)