Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is there such a thing as too much bling?

Swag, meet my fellow bloggers. Fellow bloggers, meet my bling-alicious swag. It's possible I went off the deep end in the bejeweled-sequined-glittery-sparkliness category of crazy. Some may ask, Is there even such a place? & I'm here to say, Yup, I'm pretty sure... & I think I could draw the map to its exact location. While immersed in Christmas spirit, I may have gifted myself a little something here and there (Tries to withhold own giggles). & those little gifts - mostly tees and sweaters - seemed to have a common theme.

Shown (All J.Crew, of course):
Sequined Peakaboo cardigan, or, the one with the sequins going down the front of the placket
The Florentine (?) tee, or, the one that looked like a large bejeweled angel wing going down the front.
The Antler tee
The Starburst (?) tee, 2 colors, blush and ivory.
The sequined pocket long cardigan
The crushed glitter minaudiere in Copper

Somewhere along the path of staunch preppy-clothed-preferences, I have gotten a taste for the sparkly-sparkly. Like a full-on magpie. The funny part is, I arrived home from Europe to numerous -- and I do mean numerous -- J.Crew boxes. With the free shipping offered on top of the discounts, I seemed to have ordered numerous "little" orders. & when all the mini orders were opened, I had to laugh at how single-minded I had been.

Up-close of the sequined pocket cardigan. Like having little darling coin purses dangle from your cardi. I have to say the bling on this one is extra fantastic. The sequins are laid out rather randomly with no precise pattern, are a mercury-silver color and have a clear bead sewn on top of each. I love when the sequins are laid out all mish-mash like this.

Here's an up close of the peekaboo cardi. The color is more taupe than the slightest off pink I had thought I would have received but I wouldn't kick it out of bed. As Goldmember says from that Austin Powers movie, "It's a keeper!" The sequins as you can see are see through and in straight lines, which I think gives a nice lengthening effect. An illusion I don't mind given my short torso. Although I usually don't prefer the in-a-row sequin thing, I do like the subtlety. It's actually rather subdued bling.

& there is not one ounce of subdued anything in this minaudiere. It was a total sale item, $29.99 I believe with 20% off. A great deal for a little bit 'o swag. I was wondering how well the glitter would stay on this thing. I envisioned receiving this with glitter flakes everywhere but it is much sturdier than it looks.

I did remember this time to take a picture of the interior, which is lined in a fabric I will call, Not J.Crew Canvas. It's not silk but it's perky and dressed-up enough of an interior to match the bag's exterior.

Well, ladies. January better be a festive month, because I've gots me some bling to wear out and about. I will try my best to take IRLs of these when I style them or put outfits together. Let's just hope I've got the sparkly-sparkly out of my system!


  1. Ooh, you joined me in my full on sparkle mode this month. Wow!

    I got:
    Microsequin Cardi in Blush, Sequin Scarf Cardi in Black, Both Stardust skirts (found the copper on popback--yay), and the satin glitter purse (or whatever the heck it is called). I had found the constellation cardi in black, but it came with a snag, so sadly it had to go bye-bye. Plus the sequins on that puppy weren't secure enough for my sequin ocd. :)

    BTW, target has a great racerback tank for next to nothing (like 15 bucks) that has microsequins all over its front. It comes in a teal blue, black, ivory, and some animal prints. It is from their xhiliration line. I have no idea if you can even get target in Japan, but if you can, it is worth a look. These tanks are WELL-MADE!

  2. Too funny! I must've fallen in the sparkle-pool myself, as I've been on the hunt for all things sequined as of late (and thanks to Dina, I'm now also the proud owner of the Stardust Skirt as well!) I just love the sparklies! :)

  3. So many sparkles! How fun! I am jealous, my copper bag was canceled. :( Everything is lovely!

  4. Ooohhh, so pretty! on 2008, I went on a gold metallic spree at JCrew. It started with the Soleil d'Or jacket in the summer, the gold & silver Jardin dress in the fall and the gold/yellow pencil skirt I can't remember the name of. All are 'big personality' items that need a special event to wear to. I felt the call of the sparkle this year, but resisted for the most part (did get theFlorentine tee, that ATL sequin tank and wanted the minaudiere, but missed out). I'd on a metallic/sparkle diet until I wear what I have already at least 3 times!


  5. dinagideon, Both Stardust skirts? Wow! & the Constellation Cardi was singing my name but I also want black and it is nowhere to be seen. You had the feevah! I can check out Target online here or I can send my mom and sister in for a little recon at the store in Hawaii. I'll have to check out these tanks. Would be cute to have a little under-bling!

    Rats on Parade, Fellow Stardust skirt-sister! lol, I love that skirt. I'm so bummed I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, but it will come out to play soon enough. Did I already say I love that skirt? :-)

    Kathy,The copper was cancelled? No! I saw on your blog that you had ordered it and was doing mini woop-woop dances that we had gotten the same thing! Tell me it ain't so.

    Jen, So you feel my sparkle addiction then if you went through the gold phase! Great rule about wearing these things 3 times before adding to my magpie nest! Stopped by your blog and am now following it! Thanks for following mine!

  6. LOL, I am a sequin and sparkle addict too, so your pictures of yours sparkly loot made me smile. I ordered the Sequin Stardust skirt back in November, but it's backordered till...February? I think? I have doubts that I'm ever going to get it! Not that I don't have enough sparkly things to keep me company (I bought the Florence tee and the Antler tee as well this season, and I would have definitely bought the Sparkly heels this season had they been offered in my size.)

  7. goldenmeans, LOL, my Personal Shopper was able to find the Jaspe Sequined Sweatshirt for me... & it won't ship until April, along with my Gracie dress. He he. I also fear for these promises not coming to fruition. Perhaps they think if they drag it out, we'll just forget about it. & then they can send us the dreaded cancellation email and then be on their way!

  8. I love stuff with glitter and sequins. That clutch is wonderful...I think the color is neat.
    I have the (last year) Merino Sequin Shell (name??) in putty from JCrew and some of their T's with sequins on the front. I like shiny.:)

    Have a great week and thanks for the visit.


  9. If anyone here is a P6 or a P8 (Or could be!), the Stardust skirt in copper is in FS at $69.99!

  10. I too have fallen into the sparkle heap and fear I now have more than I can reasonalby wear. But anyway...

    Have to sound a warning on the stardust skirt: beautiful, for sure, but high maintenance! I wore mine once to a party and was so careful with it but already has several snags. The lining is not quite long enough, so the hem kept catching on my tights. Plus I had to return the first one as he hem as completely crooked. The replacement is better by still not straight. I live the darn thing, but jut wanted to give some feedback for anyone contemplating final sale....
    Ps-loved your uptown/downtown post!

  11. Oh and I had to laugh when you soar you came home to a pile of boxes-so did I! And he funny thing is that everything was backordered until at least Feb!
    On the way home from the airport I had my keys ready in hand so I could run up to the door before DH and relocate the multiple JCrew packages. Lucky for me, it worked and I don't think he noticed :)

  12. Hi mommydearest, thanks for the advice about the skirt and snag issues. That's something to take into account. I haven't worn it yet "Officially" so this is good to know. Glad you liked the uptown/downtown post!

    & I wasn't so lucky with the boxes and the hubby! & worse yet, over here when my boxes arrive, they have customs labels on them saying exactly how much I spent on the front of the box! Yikes! I had to yank the boxes quickly from his suspicious eyes! The things I do for my Crew!

  13. I try not to give into the temptation to buy sequins and too much sparkly things around the holidays because I know for sure that once the holidays are over I don't wear mah sequins (like Beth I have last year's merino sequin shell in putty and I have barely worn it). It was hard to refrein myself from buying the stardust skirt in gunmetal (I have ordered it and cancelled the order twice). Must resist now that it's on FS!
    Tees don't count though, I can have countless sequined tees ;-).

  14. Ema, in agreement about the tees! I think I went off the deep end mostly on sequined tees and tees with flowers near the neckline (I should probably have included them in the post, but black never photographs as well as the sparklies do). Last year's merino sequin shell that you and Beth have was breathtaking and I so regret not just sucking it up and ordering it FP. Ugh. c'est la vie.

  15. Oh I love all the sparkly goodies!!! So pretty!!!

  16. Your photos are so pretty. I love the sparkly & had to stop myself from buying a sequin blazer the other day. The upside to buying sequins at the end of the season is that there are less people likely to be wearing your item next season. I heard of a huge NYE party and wondered how many cascade ruffle dresses there might have been there. Next year everyone will have moved on and I can still bust mine out. Not sequins, but you hear me, right ;-)

  17. i love all the sequins~! there is no such thing as too much bling lol. btw, i am hosting a valentine's day swap on my blog and overseas bloggers are invited--this means you! i know you must be busy but if you'd like to participate, there are a number of bloggers who said they'd love to do an overseas exchange :)

  18. A girl can never have enough sequins. I love all your sequin pieces from J.Crew, they are gorgeous and I see a few I have myself.

  19. HeidiG, me loves the sequins!

    Gigi, I totally hear you. It's all about the ace card you got in your pocket, you know? ;-)

    Tippy, I commented saying that I'd love to participate! Great idea!

    Summerilla, Even more reason why there was no reason to photograph all the pieces. lol. I knew there are many of us who know exactly what tees I'm talking about when I say the names!