Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ok I'm Ready!

Peeps, I am so thankful for your being there for me out there in blogland. I was feeling down and out in my last post and you all have truly made me feel bolstered. I have since slapped some cold water on my face, told myself to get a grip and have decided to get with it and be positive about moving. This is not such a bad thing.
Let's list why.

1. It's Hawaii. There could be worse places to be. It's neither too hot nor too cold. There's always a breeze. The weather is perfect and the place is a melting pot. You want authentic roast duck? Got it. You want some seriously high class gopply-goop? It's got that, too (in spades). You need High Tea at a fancy pants hotel? Check. You need just a barren and deserted beach where it's just you, a kayak, blue-green waters and a paddle? You can have it. In other words, peeps, I shouldn't complain. There are places in this world that are far worse.

2. If you're in Government, Hawaii is a major player. For Hubs, he'll be returning to a great department with peeps he knows. On top of that, the department is at the Regional level (a level of command higher than where he is now). For myself, there are opportunities with higher commands, as well as numerous govt agencies that all call Hawaii home. I'm lucky I have a network of peeps here. We could have gone somewhere where I knew no one professionally. & then what?

3. We are fortunate that Hubs' job still allows us to live pretty well. In other words, if we have to pay for private school, we'll still be able to do it. I may not be making multiple J.Crew orders and I'll definitely have to make some sacrifices, but we can still keep a similar lifestyle even while I'm job-seeking. We are very, very lucky this way. Especially in Hawaii where a gallon of milk is close to $7. (Ridiculous!)

4. This is a new adventure! Even though we've lived in Hawaii most of our lives, we get to see the place and the people with new eyes. Since we've sold our home there a few years ago, we've got the opportunity to choose a new place to live and create an entirely new life. We're young, we've got a good, solid network of individuals around us - and family & friends - and we're ready to get out there! This is a positive thing!

Everything happens for a reason. I definitely believe that even though I know how corny it sounds. If we had the opportunity to stay in Japan longer, we would have taken it and been very happy and comfortable. But maybe this is the kick in the tush we needed to get ourselves motivated again!


  1. Marisa: I must have missed your last post, but I just re-read it. First, I always agree with a good cry and then a good drink and then a good sleep. :)

    Second--Ugh, I hear you on the financial aspect of it all. It is tough to suddenly find yourself in a place where everything is SO expensive, but you sound like you are adjusting to the idea and how you will make it work. And that is awesome, just like you!

    Good luck with it does this mean DC won't be in the cards, or is it still in the cards, just pushed back?

  2. Marisa,
    I just finished reading your last few posts! Wow! You are moving back!! I know you are feeling stressed but I am sending good thoughts your way to help. I will be thinking about your family and wish you the best with your move!! Keep us up to date.

  3. dina, On the financial front, I know you know exactly what I'm talking about given you also live in an expensive area of the country. Not easy! I'm hoping DC is still in the cards, just pushed back. There are 20 million of me running around over there, but not that many of Hubs. But I would honestly love nothing more than be in DC and hang with all of y'all in the NOVA. :-)

    Beth, Thanks for the good thoughts! I'm moving back but am thinking positive! I'll def keep you all posted.

  4. I knew your next post would be positive! Good job!

  5. Glad you're feeling better! I have something to add to your list. Aloha Rag! Most amazing stock of handbags :) But on a serious note, I agree with all of the things you listed. I've only been to Hawaii once but I really found the people there to be sincerely warm and friendly. Coming from NYC, I really appreciated that. I hope you'll keep us posted on your journey, I feel like I already know you! hehe. Hope you have a wonderful week :)

  6. I am glad to hear that you are feeling better! It is definitely understandable to feel stressed about the move - after all, you'll be picking up your life in Japan way earlier than you expected to move back to Hawaii. But I know that you will find a way, and that you will be happy there! :)

  7. I am so glad you have done a mental U-turn! (which is not easy, so yay you!!) Love your positive attitude, and your view of it as an adventure - again, not always an easy mindset to adopt. I am looking forward to hearing all about your new life in HI!!