Friday, January 15, 2010

New Preview of Feb Offerings + A Nice Note from CS

Peeps, you know you've gone off the deep end of the J.Crew Cliff when your Personal Shopper is sending you emails about what's coming up. No, I don't have a J.Crew card. I just shop there way. too. much. Hi, My name is Marisa and I'm a J.Crew-a-holic. My wonderful PS, Marisa (we share a name, J.Crew actually found me a PS with the same name. That's evil), sent me a few images of what's coming out in February. I saw a few of the pieces in the Look Book that went out recently but it's nice to see the images all styled in the open.

On top of all of this, I got a nice note from Customer Service. Here 'tis:

This email is in regards to the Toothpick ankle cord, warm maple in order # xxx. I’m sorry to say this item was cancelled from your order because we didn’t have the item available to ship. These cords will not be in the shipment with all other items from your order.

Because this is an inconvenience for you, I was able to locate these cords in a retail store. The same form of payment will be used that would have been used on the original order. Once this item has shipped, which will be in the next few business days, you will receive an email confirmation.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions please reach out to me.

How nice is that?? I feel so special today!


  1. ha ha ah, I got a christmas card from my girl at J.Crew in the USA. That is also a bit telling. I have the same disease!

  2. That was nice! I do get the emails from my PS and he was telling me when the new items would be online, but he hasn't gone so far as to send photos!

    I must say, I am liking the flowery fabric on the jacket!

  3. Hey there....Hope all is going well.
    Have a good weekend!


  4. These are great images. I wonder if they went somewhere in Central America this time? The house looks like it, anyhow, but it could be Spain. Look forward to seeing more, but this sneak peek was great!

    And how nice is it that the cords are coming...even when canceled? Awesome work, PS!!!

  5. I laugh at your "situation"--we are pretty much all in the same boat:) I am pretty psyched ot hear they might be taking this extra step when things get canceled in the future..that is very smart of them and helpful and happy for us!!

  6. Jemma, he he. When the Christmas cards go out, that is most definitely telling!

    Kathy,I think the flowery fabric on the jacket is cute. It looks a little "camoflouge" which I think is a little different. We haven't seen that in a while.

    Beth, Hi! Everything is getting better day by day. Hoping things over on your side of the world are going good!

    Dina, That would be sooo cool if it was Central America. I know lots of peeps liked the Paris location shots, but my favorite was the Morocco ones. I loved the location, I loved the clothes in that release - I think it was Summer 08. Hope to see more images soon so we get an idea where they are.
    I thought it was soooo nice of CS. I'm usually disappointed by them and this time they kind of went the distance without my asking. Makes up for the fact that my order hasn't shipped and its been about a week.

    Sweetsy, oh yes, girl, we are all in the same boat with the cancellations AFTER the order goes through. That will never go away, I think but I was mighty impressed with the extra step they did to make sure I got my cords. For $19.99, too. It's not like I bought something really expensive. They're just cheap cords! I love it. Gotta love the Crew.