Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday is for perusing Anthropologie.

A hazy ring I like to call Sunday Perfection surrounds me, peeps (or is that my margarita? I'll never know). Under the influence of too many episodes of The Real Housewives of NYC and its homegirl, Bethany Frankel, I spent the afternoon with Skinny Girl Margaritas and some of my pico de gallo outside on the deck, enjoying the breeze and the sunlight. Knowing I don't have to work tomorrow just indulges my laziness further than it has to go. Hubs hung around the house engulfed in the male soap opera otherwise known as professional football while the baby and I simply enjoyed shooting the breeze.

Pico de Gallo , a fabilis bunch of chips and a Li Hing Margarita. The Li Hing flavoring gives the margarita its orange color.

What's that, you ask? Li Hing Mui is a salty, dried plum from China that is extremely popular in Hawaii amongst everyone. It is salty, but sweet, tangy and very tasty. It's one of those "acquired taste" things where you get it if you're from there but if you're not, it can be a little bit of a transition. The point of all of this is that Li Hing Mui, with its sweet saltiness goes perfect with tequila. In Hawaii, it's perfectly common to find tequila bottles filled with dried, salty, preserved plums. & perfectly commonplace to find Li Hing Margaritas. If you are in Hawaii and are feeling daring, order one anywhere. You will not be sorry.

The view from our little deck . A park next door and the beach across the street.

As a by-product of being under the influence, I answered the siren song from Anthro. Anthropologie was calling my name. I found a few pieces that are now coming home to Momma.

Let me tell you, peeps, I've been such a good girl so far, completely ignoring the 20% off FS at J.Crew and being ultra-good. But the green Emerald Cascade Blouse had me at hello. It was just too cute to give up. I love the cowl neckline and the color. It will look adorable under a black cardi until its warm enough to wear on its own. With pants ofcourse.

The Bouquet of Stripes tee was inspired by an outfit I saw in Paris over Christmas. A popular dress while I was there was an American Apparel t-shirt dress with navy and white stripes. It was a simple, 3/4 sleeve piece that was worn with a red coat over it, black tights and boots. It was nautical, preppy, a little bit edgy (with the boots and tights), and in all, tres chic. Thus seeing this tee, I'm inspired to wear it with a long navy cardigan I picked up from J.Crew last year. I'll wear with the dark toothpick ankle jeans, my Tory Burch black Revas and perhaps cinched with a belt at the waist. The piece is basic enough to dress up and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it. All in all, worth the price point. & I couldn't resist the red color.

There are a lot of pieces at Anthro that I'm loving right now. The soft edginess they have going on --- loving it.


  1. Girl girl girl, this holiday is doing so good for you. Love your blog and the new small changes!

  2. I've been so NOT a good girl--I set a j. crew budget of 200.00/month and at first I was only 80.00 over--and now I'm too embarrassed to tell ya the exact figure. I need therapy!

  3. I've been there, girl! I'll probably be there again soon, too! You're not alone!

  4. You will really enjoy the Emerald Blouse from Anthro. I tried it on and really loved the cut (you can see on my blog!). Just found you and so glad I did, really enjoy the blog!!


  5. Hi Dea, just left you a note on your blog. The top looks great on you and thanks for stopping by!

  6. Wow, that Parisian outfit sounds amazing! I think you'd rock the heck out of those two Anthro tops, for the record. It's not quite the same thing as the sweet and salty plums you described, but I grew up snacking on these dried sour and sweet plums that my parents would always get from our Chinese market. They were delicious!

  7. Hi Amy, I thought you'd know what I was talking 'bout. Try throwing a bag of li hing mui in a bottle of tequila. It's FABILIS.