Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dark Tuesday

Dark Tuesday
Dark Tuesday by nojcrewinjapan featuring Theory shorts

So today is dark and a little cloudy and dreary over here in usually lovely Okinawa, Japan. I am on Day 2 of searching the back of my closet for things to wear that don't *totally* suck to conserve outfits for my upcoming trip this week to Hawaii for work. I made my last drycleaning run yesterday so this is really it.
After some cursing this morning because I wasn't able to wear the goodies I picked up from the drycleaner yesterday, like my black cotton poplin dress, I ended up picking out this ensemble.
The pants are a 60's inspired skinny-leg wool pair from Theory that I haven't worn in a really.long.time. The top is similar to the Marc Jacob's shown, but is from Banana Republic a few seasons ago and has flutter sleeves, as well as a dark forest green and white houndstooth check.
I just got my pearl necklace from J.Crew yesterday in the mail and have decided to pair that with my Chanel J12.
In keeping with the 60's theme of the pants, I opted to put my hair in a stretch headband, which creates that teased, beehive-ish effect at the crown of my head. I stuck with pale lids and lips, and went for tons of black mascara and black eyeliner.
Somebody pass me a hula-hoop! I'm ready to do the twist.


  1. I love that you took the outfit all the way to the hair. Nice.

  2. lol...thanks - you know the *feeling* you try to create with the pants just wouldn't have been realized without a little height in the hair dept! otherwise, the pants would just look a little 80s... def not the decade I was trying to convey!