Thursday, April 9, 2009

Meet My New Loverlies...

I have been staring at this sweater for a while now. I have a thing for cardigans and I have so many. But I don't have an argyle to call my own yet. & I am totally aware that this will probably pill. It's J.Crew Cashmere. It will pill. But it's preeeetty. & the placket... I love it. It's nerdy, yet feminine. It's totally saying "Gamine Intelligent and Scholarly Young Lady Who Knows a Thing or Two About Fashion." Yes, I am sure this is the message it conveys. The colors are light enough to wear until it gets unbearably hot and I think it can be dressed up or down. it's a keeper. Let's hope when it arrives I will think the same thing.
Ahh. The Cotton Cady Claudine Tank Dress. Have you ever thought that it's really sick that we all know the names of these items? That we care about our beloved J.Crew so much that we have set aside certain areas in our frontal lobe for this? Anyway. I digress. This dress has been on my mind for some time. I love the fabric. I mean I loooooove it. & I think the style is timeless. Also, no one can see the jelly roll I have going on underneath this thing and so the not-so-perfect areas of my figure are now flattered. & for $69.99?! Shoot... I am considering wearing to a wedding in Hawaii in May. Am envisioning this, with a cymbidium corsage, or something along those lines. You know, keep it old-school. & the metallic Collection Lulus. Oh I love.

I got the men's belt because I was inspired by the J.Crew's Fall Collections here.
I love how for $29.99 I can transform an otherwise feminine ensemble into something with a little masculinity. I'm definitely considering pair this with the Claudine dress above. & maybe even the cardigan over the dress, too. What do you think?
I also got the Bobbie dress for $59.99. I already have the white one pictured here, and on this order I got it in navy. I am telling you, this is the BEST summer dress. With a cardigan and some gold thin sandals, or the gladiator sandals that were on sale for $49.99 a little while ago (I was able to snag them in the metallic gold color and I love the way they look), this dress is going to be a gem, especially on vacay in Honolulu in late spring and in summer here in Okinawa. I realize weather will affect how much you love this dress, but I am a fan of the wash-n-wear, especially when sooo many of my J.Crew pieces are the opposite of that. I think I brought up my horrendous dry cleaning bill in the past.

This was kind of those, "Should I or Shouldn't I" things that Gigiofca usually does great reviews of. I threw it in at the last minute because the price was good, and the neck kind of spoke to me. I got it in the charcoal color and am envisioning it as a casual piece, maybe with leggings and ballet flats and an oversized cardi for the plane. Or maybe with flip flops at the beach. What I'm hoping is that Size Small will work. When dresses say S or XS, I'm usually a size in between. I'm hoping that this will not be left to the yuck pile.

Not pictured but also snagged the Hammered Silk black dress (don't know the name, I know, sacriledge, right?) for $49.99.

Well, that was my happy happy evening last night. Am very excited to see these in my mail box soon.


  1. I'm particularly loving the Claudine, argyle cardi and the hammered dress. You have to post a pic of the dresses!

  2. How did you like the argyle cardigan??? I have it in the Lavender and I 'HEART' this sweater!!!
    Also--wondering what you thought of the Patio Dress...I luveed the neckline but the back of the dress was a complete doesn't fall right in the booty area!