Friday, April 10, 2009

Old is New! Or, the Rapallo Dress Comes Back

The rapallo. It came back on Final Sale recently for $29.99, but by the time I got there, ofcourse they were sold out. It stuck in my mind because I've always wanted this dress. I love black and white. I find the color combo refreshing, in my chlorophyll-boring-phyll-loves-boring-beige way. I got slightly obsessed with it and felt I had to go on this major ebay mission, stalking it until I could find the dress available in my size. I see it all the time on ebay. But ofcourse when I finally want it, it's nowhere to be found. Well, patience is a virtue and finally paid off. I found said dress. Bid on it. Won it. Got it. &... wasn't feeling it. The fabric is very not substantial at all. I worry I will tear it. The buttons at the back are a cute touch, but I wish I had got it for $29.99 + 30% off, instead of the price I paid. If I had been able to see it in person, I probably wouldn't have bought it. But that's the buyer's remorse I live with when the nearest J.Crew with US sizes is 3,000 miles away. Also, this is way old. Not even a season ago.

Well. I digress. I decided to give it another shot today and pulled it from the Yuck Pile since I have packed my suitcase and am now hemmoraging for something to wear. It's way too casual for work, but it's Spring Break, no one's here, I'm only in the office for a couple hours to tie up loose ends, and it's Friday. Heck! It's practically a holiday. Well it is to some, it's Good Friday here.

So I have paired the dress with the dreaded Lea cardigan in the Snow color. I normally hate this cardigan. I luuurrrrve the buttons. The buttons are fab. However the shape is too boxy and I don't like the way it opens up. It's too open, IMO, when it's unbuttoned. It doesn't have a cute open-ness, if anyone knows what I mean. It has a tendency to look sloppy, which is weird with the gorgeous antique buttons. I guess I jut find it awkward.

Well since I have nothing to wear, and it matched the Rapallo, I put it together, and it actually looks kind of cute. I wore a brown leather belt I miraculously found in the Yuck Pile (how things Yuck come back in vogue, non?) that I used to wear with jeans back in the day, and the little outfit looked so adorable, it might make another comeback.

On my feet, given the casual mood, I've got the black & white capiz shell capri sandals from Summer '08. Everytime I walk, it sounds like I'm the tambourine (wo)man. But whatevs! I leave for Hawaii tomorrow and I'm enjoying my day a lot more since I have repurposed some of the stuff I would have left for possible Thrift Shop-ville. I feel good about it. We all need to go back and shop our closets again. Old is New!


  1. Good review on the dress. Does it feel gauzy or just like a thin cotton?

  2. Thanks! Like a thin cotton, with a lining of thin cotton. It does not flatter those who, like me, are straight up and down, because the dress is supposed to have a "blouson" effect at the top, but doesn't have that much fabric. If you have an hourglass figure, though not too much boobage at the top, you'd probably look great in this dress. For me, it's "eh."