Sunday, April 12, 2009

Like a Virgin...Heeee!

So girls. I visited my first B&M today. Up until now, I've bought all my jcrew items via online. Anyway, here I am in Honolulu, aka, home, and lo and behold Ala Moana Center has been updated with a nice little J.Crew store. I can't say I was overly impressed with the loot. Lots of tees. Lots of sweaters. Lots of bikinis (It's Hawaii, this is expected). But the store is cute and gives you such a nice vibe. I can't even begin to express how awesome it is to finally see things in person. I mean, you fall in love with stuff online, but to hold it, feel the fabric, see for yourself... It was awesome. If I didn't have all the great JCA reviews, I'd be in the dark. For instance, seeing the jewelry up close and IRL is something competely different that seeing it online. & getting to see the items that are B&M-only (there were a few I know aren't online that are super cute) was a real treat. I ended up walking out with some really cute things. Let me elaborate:
1. The strapless eyelet dress Gigiofca reviewed here (no photo). It was $148 full price, but I haven't seen it online and so it was a no-brainer. Plus, helurrrr, tomorrow's Easter, I have 2 lunches to attend, and this will be perfect. The dress is absolutely gorgeous with a nice eyelet and good weight. Interestingly, I'm 5'4" and this dress is above-the-knee on me. Don't know if that would work on a taller girl, or how short this thing would be on them. On me, I love the length, because it means I can wear it without hemming it up. Also, the other thing? It's sickeningly sweet. Meaning, I love it, it's eyelet, and I'm girly like that. But I want to tone the girliness down a bit. So I got...
2. The boyfriend Military Jacket, $98, in the Utility Green color.
I tried on the XS and it fit pretty cute. I thought it was pretty cute, and am thinking of pairing it with the eyelet dress with a skinny leather belt. I brought 4 skinny leather belts with me (black, pale almond, calf hair cheetah, and silver leather) so I'm not sure which I'll choose. But I think the contrast of the jacket with the sweetness of the eyelet dress will work well with each other. The dress was shown in store paired with a denim jacket and skinny belt, so I'm not reinventing the wheel here, but I like this jacket tons and can see myself wearing it with a bunch of other items (the silk charmeuse skirt I ordered, the cotton cady claudine in chocolate, maybe? Or even just a pair of boyfriend khakis rolled up tight above the ankle). Yes, I'm pretty stoked with this buy.

3. The Tiered Ruffle Skirt, $148, in Light Pewter.

I have to say I love this skirt. I've seen the reviews by other girls (Slastena, Gigiofca) and have been wondering about it. But seeing it IRL sealed the deal for me. The materials are gorgeous, and I think hard to appreciate from the web only. I love the chiffon they used in the tiers and I think it's playful but long enough to not be too kiddish. I am loving the look paired with the Rimini flat gladiator sandals, as in the picture. I'm thinking about pairing the skirt with the jacket and a cute skinny belt too.

& Ladies if I had a camera with me, I'd be all about the IRL photos. & to think I finally have a full length mirror, not to mention the bravado, here to do the deed.

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  1. Congrats on visiting your first b&m! That's SO exciting! I'm glad you had a good time. Sweet is a good word to describe the eyelet dress. The military jacket will look great over it. We're so oversaturated w/J Crew info that it looks typical to us. It will look fresh & unique to the others.

    Have fun!