Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Obsessions

The Sunburst Medallion Cuff bracelet... I will be looking for you.  Part of the J.Crew Collection, the neutral pallette may be what I'm looking for to add that je ne sais quois to the wedding I was planning an outfit for here.  It may seem a little over the top, though.  Hawaii is not really condusive to J.Crew.  We shall see.

I am inlove with the Selvedge Chambray shirt.  I'm inspired by J.Crew's fall looks, a la the one used in my photo.  I think this look is so purposeful and adds that working contrast in comparison to the usually feminine looks you see.  

I'll watch them though.  From a distance.   I've sworn myself to stay away from Full Price.  Eventually, it all goes on sale.

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