Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Monday...

monday monday
monday monday by nojcrewinjapan featuring J Crew sweaters

I am finally back! I've been distracted the last couple of weeks by our move to the new house, making sure all the boxes were unpacked and getting things ready for our housewarming party. Now that we're finally settled i can turn my attentions back to my beloved little space here.

Today's kind of a *blah* outfit day, but for good reason. I leave for Hawaii for work next Saturday, and I've got to conserve the good outfits for the trip. I'll be there for 5 weeks. Trying to rustle all the things I hardly wear out of my closet this week and keep the goodies for next week.

I told you before I have thismany tartine cardigans. I don't know, but when they came out they were addicting. So here's my rhubarb tartine in action. I paired it today with the tissue pleated top in white, and it is tucked into my denim pencil skirt. The outfit is soooo blah it was almost not worth mentioning, but I thought I'd throw it all on the blog to get rolling again.

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  1. Glad to see you back! :) I think the outfit looks great...have a blessed day!