Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Apartment in Paris

Just a quick post to share some photos taken yesterday.

A 5 minute walk from our apartment we're renting while we're here. Our place is literally around the corner from Champ de Mars park and has turned out to be very convenient. It's approximately a 10 minute walk from the metro and has a cheese shop, a deli, a produce market, a boulangerie / patisserie and a tons of cafes just a few steps away. It is in an old building with this view:

& the best part - a washer / dryer, a petite kitchen, and space for my little guy to stretch out in. Besides that, the price was very, very reasonable... approx. $125 a night. At Christmas & New Years. With a view of the Eiffel Tower. We were really lucky to find it. The interior is only ok with the best part being the windows and the view. The rest is very simple, but we're only here to sleep, relax between stops, etc., so it's no biggie. I'm sure if we spent more we would have gotten that, but this is great and perfect for our family. As I have more time I'll make sure to post more pics of the apartment and talk more about it in another post.

Walking around yesterday we found Mariage Freres, and if you're a tea fan, this is major. TOOTD, these shots are for you, girl!

Today we're sticking around "our neighborhood," seeing the Eiffel Tower, walking Rue Cler (Rue Rick Steves) and just enjoying scenery. We're hopping an overnight train to Rome tonight!

Hope everyone is enjoying Christmas Week! Joyeaux Noel!


  1. I all looks heavenly! I can't thank you enough for sharing these lovely pictures. Husband does not fly and I have little hope of seeing Paris at this time.

  2. OMG. You are such a devoted blogger.

    Love the first shot. Gorgeous.

    I hope you have a fab time. Your family is so cute.

  3. Girlies I am a totally devoted blogger and love sharing the pics with everyone. You know I already put tons on Facebook, too!

  4. Girl girl girl, i am here getting ready to go to work and I stopped quickly to see if you had posted anything....and WOW! I love each picture and keeping dreaming that I could be there enjoying a cup of tea with so so nice, thanks!

  5. LOVE mariage freres! hope you are enjoying the rest of your trip! you definitely are a devoted blogger hehe. happy new year :)

  6. $125 a night, with that location! I'd love to know the name of the apt rental co when you get back. We were right by the Eiffel too BUT directly above the metro hence, rumble rumble rumble all night.
    Gorgeous pics!

  7. You are in Paris!!!!!

    How wonderful....
    Happy New Year!
    Great photos


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