Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cher & Dionne couldn't do it better!

Ladies let me tell you when you have a fellow J.Crew-a-holic as a very good friend, and that fellow holic-slash-friend works 2 doors down, you have a tendency to add exponentially to your J.Crack obsesh. Such is the case with moi, pictured here in the black below, with my girl The Outfit of the Day. Here we are, working it like Cher & Dionne from Clueless, on the clock, in my barren office space, both of us in 99% J.Crew. While we've never taken pics at work before, today was a total must, given the total crushes both of us had on the other's outfit. & the camera was in my purse, serendipitously.

Moi: J.Crew Collection Cashmere Fiori dress in black
Opera Length Pearls fastened with J.Crew black silk peony pin
Shoes are velvet ballet-toe heels from Report that I pull out only during the Holidays.
I have a pearl bracelet on from my Great-Aunt.

The Outfit of the Day: Ribbon Placket Creme Cardigan from J.Crew
Skirt: Eyelet Pencil skirt in Shadow, from J.Crew
Shoes were black peep toe heels from J.Crew
She's wearing the Pearl Cluster Bracelet, Crystal necklace and Pearl Necklace, all J.Crew
& her watch is Prada.
[Only a friend & fellow J.Crew-o-phile would notice such things]

You know when you have a friend this chic, the details had to be shown. I adored the placket on her cardigan and the pearl jewels and the crystal necklace pulled everything together. It all looked incredibly chic, IMO.

No faces this time. Just the important stuff, like the shoes.

A closeup of the pearls and the black silk peony pin.

Do you & your friends do crazy stuff like this? I think this might be the start of dual IRL OOTD posts. It was fun and it's all about the clothes!


  1. Your post is so sweet. Thanks! I love this picture together at work, even though I look fat... ;)
    I am worry that I will never find another J.Crack Obsesh Friend when you leave...

  2. You all look fab... ;)
    I really like the peony pin!



  3. "This is where Dionne lives. She's my friend because we both know what it's like for people to be jealous of us."
    - Cher

    Clueless. Totally on my top 5 list of best films ever.

    You and your gf are fab. I know if I lived in Japan I would totally be your gal. Ha ha.

    Love the ensembs.

  4. Clueless is one of my fave movies. lol! You guys look great. I love pearls, so it always makes me smile to see people wear them.

  5. TOOTD: I only speak the truth! We'll just have to make sure we stay close by to each other!

    Beth: That peony pin was totally worth the $12! Seriously, J.Crew was on crack when they priced that out. Totally not their normal $20+ price range.

    Susan: Girl you would so be my gal. That would be fun! C'mon, just move out here! Anyone who can QUOTE Clueless??? GOLD in my book.

    OneFashionistaDiva: I love that movie too! You can't go wrong with Pearls, you are totally right!

  6. That picture is 2 Cute! I used to work with someone with a similar style as me--and it was EXCITING! We were mostly shopping at "The Limitited" at that time--and it was really fun-to see what she'd put together! Similar to this J. Crew blog thing we all do here! Love FASHION!!!

  7. Hi ladies!!! You both look gorgeous!!! I wish I had a crew holic girlfriend who lived in my area. I stand alone in my love for all things Jcrew, but I do have my bloggie gal pals to keep me company.

  8. I love that you two are office friends, blog friends and J. Crew addicted friends! I wish I had a friend close by that shares my liking for J. crew and just shopping in general/

    You two look fabulous! I love both of your outfits.

  9. Me loveth the photo. Your accessories are tdf. Love, love, love.

  10. yogagirl:The next best thing to having her right down the hall is having all of you ladies right here in the blogosphere - I looooove having all of y'all to share outfit ideas and my j.crew obsesh with!

    Patina & Kathy: You're not alone, girls! You have us in the blogosphere and I can't tell you how much fun it's been since I've found all of you. From the reviews to the Polyvores, you all have been the best!

    gigiofca: Girl it's all about the accessories. Cher and Dionne would approve!

  11. you both look great! love the outfits!

  12. You both look amazing! And yes, dual OOTDs are a great idea, haha! It must be fun to work with a fellow J.Crew-a-holic!