Thursday, December 17, 2009

Metallic Tweed Charmed Mini Bag is cute...

While I've missed the boat on a number of fabilis, fabilis items from J.Crew recently, I do get lucky once in a while. Here's the Metallic Tweed Charmed Mini Bag, for your perusal. Shannon at Wardrobe Review did an excellent review of the bag here. The bag is currently waitlisted thru 1.31.2010 on the website and retails at FP for $198. I was lucky to snag this somehow in-between waitlists and with the recent 25% off promo. It shipped very quickly and I received it earlier this week.

My first impression was along the lines of, Dang this chain is heavy. Which is of course a good thing, right? No one wants a cheapy chain. The tweed is very nice. It is much more dimensional than the midnight tweed skirt, but it is less so than the blush tweed pencil skirt's material, if you've ever seen these two items. Off that bat, me loveth tweed in any shape or form. I was happy with this one. I wasn't bouncing off the walls happy, love at first-style, but I was happy.

The charms on the side are very cute and definitely add a nice touch to the overall look of the bag. My big beef with this little guy is the interior, which right now I'm wondering why I didn't take a pic of. It's just plain, ecru-colored canvas. Duck cloth. I was hoping that with an exterior as cute as this, and the fact that this little guy is Collection, the interior would be lined in something more luxurious than plain canvas.

I guess what it comes to is that I'm very happy I used the discount on this one. I'll be taking this bad boy to Paris with me tomorrow. Yes, I leave tomorrow! I'm packing right now for myself, my little guy and the hubby. Hubby has given me carte blanche on the bag packing situation. We are packing some major layers, some major coats, the kitchen sink and the whole shi-bang because we checked the weather and all I can say is... wow. Needless to say us west coast peeps are not used to cold temps.

This will be my last post before we go and I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hopefully I'll be able to post while I'm on the trip but if not I will have tons to show y'all when I get back. I'm going to miss my bloggie gal pals and I hope you all have memorable holidays!


  1. So exciting! Have a fabulous, fabulous time in Paris & enjoy!! We had such a great time there this summer :)

  2. I love this bag, and so you know, it sold out AGAIN yesterday. Sigh. I will wait and see if it comes on-line after Christmas (a girl can dream).

    I did go ahead and get the shimmerveil version...and it looks so LOVELY and sweet in real life. I am not TOUCHING it until I see whether or not it goes on super-sale like some of the collection items do...I got the shimmerveil for 30% off, but you never know. I may do a mini-review for folks over at my blog, but there is no way in heck that puppy is really coming out until I am convinced it is out of stock over at J. Crew.

    :) I agree on the're right though, sort of comforting that it is so WELL made.

  3. Have a super amazing vacay. OMG. You're going to have so much fun. I hope your son and husband have a great time, too.

    Merry merry Christmas!

  4. That bag is so cute!
    Have a great time in paris...Happy Holidays !!

  5. Have fun, I cant wait to hear about your trip!!

  6. Sweet Tea in Seattle:Your pics have given tons of inspiration! Even though the scene will look *a little* different, thanks for all your pics on the blog - it truly helped!

    Dina: Please do a mini review at your blog on the shimmerveil! I would love to see IRLs of that one. I'm sure the pics on the J.Crew site just don't do it justice but I know how you feel about not using it until you know for certain. I do think it's odd how I got the tweed with no wait, and then just like that - the dreaded waitlist has come back. :-( Good Luck. I'll keep my eyes peeled for pop backs.

    Susan: Have a GREAT Christmas and New Years. Eat lots of Cannoli. Thank you so much for the Chez Andre recommendation! Love that I have a foodie blog friend who can recommend restaurants in foreign countries. OMG and thanks so much for the Paris post on your blog. I loved it and got all excited to leave.

    missmasala: Happy Holidays to you, too!

    Jemma Ruby: I want to also hear about your Norway trip when you get back! Your tip for Bruges will definitely be followed. All your advice has been so, so, so helpful. All I can think of is... Hot Goat Cheese salads... yum.. Report to follow when we get back!

  7. sooo it's new owner! :)

  8. That bag is absolutely darling!! Have a wonderful time in Paris :)

  9. I agree with everything you said about the bag. The purse is gorgeous but there is a lack of finishing touches..anyways, I love love love this bag. Today, it's the first day I am going to wear it, and I am so excited.

    Have a nice trip, enjoy every minute, eat a lot french croissant for me. I miss you!

  10. TOOTD I'm going to miss you! Wear your bag in good health!

  11. eeps! Have a wonderful time in Paris and take lots of outfit pics :) BTW the jaspe is on the J. Crew website right now. I'm a sucker and ordered it but I won't get it until April 2010 =X

  12. I hope you and your family have a wonderful trip! I will be looking forward to your reports!

  13. Oh my god...this bag is so gorgeous! You are so lucky!!!!

    Have a good time in Paris!!!I wish I can go there too!

  14. Gorgeous bag - thanks for the great info - I was wondering about it.

    I hope you & your family have a warm and wonderful time in Paris!!

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