Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Willpower is Nonexistant

I have no freaking willpower. None. I'm a big loser this way. I put myself on a Shopping Ban and said, No, Marisa, No. You are not buying anything until you leave for your trip. You are a big girl and you can handle it & you know you're going to shop when you get there. You can handle a few measly weeks.
Yeah, well, guess not. Here are my purchases for moi as I was supposedly Christmas shopping for the other ladies in my life.
Above, the Glimmer Pocket Cardigan in Pink Champagne. It won't even ship until January but the color and the sequins?? Need I say more? & then the studded belt in the Sweet Blush color. Needed it. Also won't ship until January. Below? The Cambridge Cable Ribbed Turtleneck in Heather Dusk. *Sigh* I also bought another pair of black Minnie pants to go with it. I was in this deep. What was another pair of pants at this point?

Hope you all are having a great week. Let's hope I can last the next 2 weeks without anything else. Though I truly thing... probably not!


  1. I don't remember seen this are right, it's beautiful !

  2. I tried the cardi on in black on Sunday. LOVED IT. But, I put it back and breathed and said to my Christmas shopping for others self, "There will be a 20-percent off coming up online on sweaters and then you can buy."

    Lo and behold, my premonition comes true and...... the sweater in black is no longer available.


    I did order the marled cardi that I have sweated forevas. Won't ship til January. So, I feel your pain.

  3. I don't think I could ever go through with a shopping ban, haha! Unless it was like a 2-day shopping ban. I have no willpower! The things you got are lovely, though! I saw the cardigan in the store and it looked really cute, but I didn't try it on for fear that I would want it. Again, let me emphasize here that I have no willpower. I can attest to the wonder that is the studded skinny belt. IT IS FANTASTIC! You'll love it!

  4. I am seriously considering a shopping ban for the first of the year, but I am waiting for the holiday popbacks from gift returns! It could be a bonanza!