Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Come home to Momma, Sweetness!

Is it wrong to have something for oneself gift-wrapped? LOL. I mean, really. What's wrong with a little green bow and a box to go with it? Hubs is calling it an early birthday gift (my b-day is next month). Made a trip to the Champs Elysee Louis Vuitton store tonight for this specific purchase which I have been sweating for the last 6 months or so. If you read my blog, you know I so sweat the purchases - I have to analyze. I'm a big analyzer. That's mah job 40 hours a week, it's what I do best. But it leaves me with absolutely no room for casual purchases. It means anything and everything over, let's say, $100 - is scrutinized to the most minute, minor detail.

The bag in question? Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Medium size, Damier Print. I know many of you also have the Neverfull and I'm sure you have your reasons as to why you love this bag. Mine are probably pretty similar. First, the shape of this bag is perfect for me. I like my bags big with lots of room to throw important, life-saving things in. Like... legos and army soldiers and Nintendo DSi consoles. & perhaps the occassional wallet and keys, too. Like I said earlier, I analyze. So instead of buying the bag last July as an Anniversary gift for myself, I decided to wait on the bag until we got to Paris for a) So that I could buy my Louis in Paris and b) So that I could take advantage of the Value Added Tax rebate that I'd get back as part of the deal. Option B makes me think that the bag is actually a deal, because it would now be approx. 20% cheaper. I think.

Second, I chose the damier print for its darker color which I think matches more of what I wear. I'm sort of a subdued type of gal who likes her blacks, greys and navy colors and this bag rolls with my homies like that. It's subtle. Third, I love, love, love the red interior with Champs Elysee printed on it. Even though I could have bought this bag anywhere and it would say that, I know I'll always remember Paris when I open up the bag and see that in there.
As you can gather we're still here in Paris, soaking up a few more days of vacation before heading back to Japan. The last few days have been a blur. Rome, Venice, Salzburg and Munich have come and gone and now we're a tired bunch who just wants to hang out and chill. Which gives me un moment or deux with my laptop. There's so much craziness and hustle and bustle, it's nice to chill out and just have a glass of wine and write about nothing that important. Like my new Neverfull.

Happy face in our home-away-from-home Paris apartment, taking OOTD pics while Hubs laughs at me.

All J.Crew
COLLECTION Vintage Fleur silk tiered top
Black Maya cardigan
"Belt" is the black silk tie that came with the Fleur top
Minnie black pants

Incidentally, this whole outfit got swapped out shortly after these pics were taken for a comfy J.Crew cashmere hoodie and dark denim jeans with black riding boots. We were headed to Disneyland Paris and needed comfiness. The outfit above was cute, but when you're not feeling it, you're not feeling it.

Hope everyone's week leading up to 2010 is a fun one.


  1. LOVE the bag, dahling.

    So glad your trip rocks. I hope you have a grand time in Paris.

    Euro travel is totally all hustle and bustle, right?

    When I went I met a lady in the Paris airport who was all, "I don't understand how people honeymoon here. It's amazing, but so NOT relaxing."

    Total word.

    I'm so jealous that you will be witnessing the Eiffle Tower all aglow at the stroke of midnight New Year's.

    I'll be cooking din with my sista!

    C'est la vie.


  2. Love the bag, but how dare you not take a picture of the inside? Hello??? I don't own one, but want to.

  3. Very nice soveneir of the trip! I happen to think it is fine to get gift wrapping for your own purchases! For the past few weeks, everything that I purchased from J. Crew I asked for gift wrapping! It was free and it made opening those boxes so fun.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay! I am looking forward to the pictures from Salzburg, please post a few.

  4. There is nothing wrong with having it gift wrapped - I did the exact same thing when I bought my neverfull. The big box makes for stylish storage. I think I'll continue to have everything from LV gift wrapped! I didn't get a pretty green bow though instead it was a leather strap, the green bow is so much better!!

  5. enjoy! I LOVE my medium neverfull! lucky you!

  6. That bag on the regular monogram has been on my wishlist!
    How nice for you to actually get it from LV Paris!

    It feels nice to open something gift wrapped even if it's for yourself. :-)

  7. Susan, GIRL it is ALL hustle and bustle, I couldn't have said it better myself. I am ready, let me tell you, to go back home. It has been a long, long trip. & I'm tired! By the time I get home, I'll want to rest, and everyone else will be ready to dig their heels in for the new year. DANG. Have a Happy New Year -


    cdp, it's one of those things where I have no excuse except to say Laziness! LOL. When I work up the energy I will most definitely update the post!

    Kathy, I will definitely post pics of Salzburg. I think it was my FAVORITE city. I'll keep you updated! Have a great New Year's Eve!

    Summerilla, what a great idea about the storage! You are right - the box is fab. I will definitely be keeping it though I'm wishing I had the leather strap! Lucky you!

    Chanel Fashionista, Thanks!!

    JC Mama, For the longest time I could not decide between the regular monogram or the damier. But I realized I'm just a little too boring, for lack of a better word, for the regular monogram. I'm sure you will rock that!

  8. marisa, if we weren't continents apart i'm pretty sure we'd be excellent shopping buddies! i got myself the damier neverfull in paris also and it was such a treat to buy it there and get that tax rebate :) happy new year!

  9. Tippy, I have a feeling we'd do some crimes against our wallets together! MERDE to the continents separating us!