Friday, December 4, 2009

J.Crew 25% Off is My TOTAL downfall...

So I took myself off the Shopping Ban and have dived head first into the deep end of the pool. I've fallen off the wagon so far ... it's incredible. The ban was obviously unrealistic, but the 25% + free shipping at Teh Crew?? I can't stay away. It's like the molten chocolate cake at Chili's... there's no resisting it, I guiltily just accept my situation and take a bite. I fear the Hubby's post office visits, Ladies. I honestly live in fear for the myriad of J.Crew paraphernalia he'll find there, for sheezy. Below, my latest, as they say in Resource Management, requirements. What can I say? Merry Christmas to moi, I guess.

*Sigh* Don't hate it because it's beautiful. & with 25% off, the Metallic Tweed Charmed Mini Bag was too good of a deal. I have been staring at her from afar, making googley eyes, since it was released. Shannon reviewed it here and I have to say that there was no waitlist on the bag for me. It must have been meant to be. I'm not gonna lie... her review and gorgeous IRLs were the final nail in my coffin. I am on pins and needles to receive this.

Next up, the Midnight Tweed Mini. Not many left of these and I have loved this in the pencil length but think the mini is really cute styled just like this. I plan to style mine with similar black tights, the blue gingham shirt peaking out, mid-calf moto boots similar to the Vintage Roadster's pictured and topped with my black cashmere hoodie from last year.
The last pair of jeans I was this excited about was 2008's white matchsticks which I wore to Thailand and have forever romantic notions about since then. This year's Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jean in Black Resin is going to be my Paris staple. I can wear it with the boots and they'll go far. I especially love how deeply black they are. Let's hope I can keep them that way. They were already on mark down and with the 25% off... I lobbied that it would be awhile and most definitely well into Spring 2010 before I would organically see that price on these again. The trigger had to be pulled.

The last of my crazy BUY BUY BUY evening was spent putting this baby in my cart, the Dream Lycee Turtleneck Dress. I bought it in black. But when I went back to save the image, the black was sold out. Maybe I got the last one. I like to think so. :-) This dress will be great with mid-calf moto boots and pointelle tights, solid black tights, high heel booties... I can go on and on. Not only will be great on my trip to Paris for Christmas, but it will take me through the cold spell here, which seems to hit its worst in February. I had to get it in a medium- the only size left, which worries me a bit because I bought the Fiori dress in a small and it fit really well. I'm sort of in-between J.Crew's S & M. I buy Mediums often because I have to buy online and worry that the Small will just be too tight of a fit. Lately though the S has been working pretty well for me. I'll be really bummed if the medium is too big or looks strange because I've been hoping this one would pop back in sale for a while.

Now to add to the madness, I'm still waiting for these to arrive:
1) The grey ginham shirt
2) The Frances Cherry Blossom Blouse
3) The Olive top
4) The Jeweled Garland Bracelet
5) The Sequin Pocket Cardigan - waitlist next Jan.
6) The Cambridge Cable Ribbed Turtleneck in Heather Dusk
7) The studded skinny belt - waitlist next Jan.
8) A pair of black minnie pants.

For shame. Peeps, the madness stops right now! No more sales! I have to finish my Christmas cards, mail them out, get the last of my Christmas Shopping done for other people, and print my Christmas newsletters. Not to mention make the final little tweaks on my trip, like dinner reservations for Christmas & New Years, etc. There is so much more for me to do than sit and browse J.Crew, which seems to somehow always get in my way.

Finally, just a small laughable quote from Clueless, building on my post from yesterday, but that I find pretty meaningful today with my shopping issues.

Dionne: "Dude, what's wrong you suffering from buyers remorse or something?"
Cher: "God no, nothing like that."


  1. Oh gosh....I may have to go take a look. 25% off??!!
    Merry Christmas!!


  2. I am trying really, really hard not to buy a bunch of stuff. Not working so well, though!

  3. Beth once you dip your toes in the water... :-) This is a pretty good promo. & the goods are soooo cute. Good Luck!

    Dr. Drama, I'm hoping you (and I) will last the next few weeks when the retailers really start pushing the sales! Esp when my beloved J.Crew offers me Free Ship & this special... hard to beat.

  4. Solution for our problem:
    Go to System Preferences, then Security and push the Lock key for JCrew website. If you can do that, you will become a warrior!

  5. love, love, love all of your purchases!!!

  6. TOOTD, I'll tell you right now I couldn't do it. I would need to SEE it. But I might delete all my credit card information. It's too easy to just input 3 digits and hit the Submit button! If I have to physically get up and get my wallet and make the walk of shame back to the Mac, past Hubby, that might slow me down enough to get some clarity!

    Kari thanks - Hope today's going good for you and take care!

  7. hey, did you get the JCrew hat? It's so Paris...