Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It Looks Like I DIY'd My Dress...

It's pretty much down to the wire in my closet right now. There are huge gaping holes where clothes should be, and all my loverlies are either in my car in the drycleaning back waiting to be taken in, or at the drycleaner waiting to be picked up by Momma (that's moi). So for today's outfit, I had to reach in the back recesses and really shop my closet. He he. I'm lucky I'm such a clotheshorse and have enough to go around, you know, for dire, emergency-filled times like these.


Dress: Banana Republic from Spring 09
Cardigan: Black cardigan from J.Crew. It was their light cotton one they came out with this Summer.
Belt: Black skinny leather from J.Crew
Shoes: INC black ankle booties from Macy's
Tights: Windowpane cheapies from a Japanese sock store, Tutuana
Bracelet: J.Crew Pearl Cluster from Spring 09

Had to give you a glimpse of the tights and the shoe. My thigh looks massive but it's all ok. I was just trying to show off the cute pattern on the tights.
Just got in the mail today my Cherry Blossom Frances top, Wool Olive top, and the too fabs for words Jeweled Garland bracelet, below. I love it. It was a great price and I haven't gotten any new bracelets or jewelry from J.Crew since the grey Bubble necklace. I like the huge cut glass thing. Very "Grandma's Closet."

Lastly, here's my little guy from this morning. Today's the last day of being a 5-yr old. Tomorrow, He's 6. Where did the time go? (No, I didn't go to Stanford, but we love to get him college shirts. He says he wants to be a Navy Pilot. He's been watching Behind Enemy Lines quite a bit lately. Small obsession with Annapolis and the Naval Academy. But he's tall, thin, loves swimming and Dad's prepping him for volleyball as we're West Coast peeps. He's a shoe-in for water polo, I think, later on. Doesn't Stanford have a water polo team? Yes, you say? Well then, perfect!)


  1. That outfit looks very cute, hardly dashed together from "back of closet shopping" ;) I really love the tights too btw! I think there is a pair of Spanx like it out and I was kind of waffling on getting them but you are pushing me over the edge! Also, as a Stanford alum, I can say that yes, Stanford has an excellent men's water polo team -- you keep encouraging your little one in that direction!

  2. That is a GREAT dress! You styled it so nicely. It looks classic and sophisticated.


  3. goldenmeans, thanks & I'm serious! It was a total shop-my-closet moment. The skirt of the dress falls a little tight over my generous boottay, so this one usually sits in the closet until I'm basically forced to pull it out. I was lucky to find the tights! Thanks for the encouragement about my little guy!

    Elaine, thanks!

  4. Love the dress! Now I'll have to go stalk eBay for it, LOL.

  5. Wow-your little guy is sooo handsome!
    The BR dress is fantastic--I am partial to BR dresses--IMHO they are THE BEST!!! (shhhh....don't let J. Crew here that!)

  6. Nicole, hilarious girl. I am the SAME way. When you can't find it anywhere else, Ebay will have it! Good Luck!

    Yogagirl, BR dresses are stepping up! & lately their jewelry is really cute!

  7. The dress is FABULOUS. I just love the giant polka dot pattern. Too adorable! And the idea of mixing it with patterned tights? You're kind of my new hero, hahaha... I hope you're super excited about your trip! Are you taking your new acquisitions with you? Also, my little brother wanted to be a Navy pilot/in the Air Force for a long time, too! He was obsessed with Top Gun for the longest time, and I'm pretty sure he thought his own personal theme song was "Fly Into the Danger Zone." Dream big!

  8. love the BR dress! and your son is absolutely adorable! i think the college shirts are cute. it's a good way to introduce kids to the idea of college too! my parents got me an oxford sweatshirt when i was younger and that made me always want to go there lol.

  9. I love that dress! I remember when it was in the stores, and a skirt too. I could find my size. I am now wishing I had tried harder! :( Cute outfit!

  10. he he he, that happens to me too. Thank goodness my closet is like the bottomless pit as I have a hard time throwing things away! This outfit is gorg on you! When are you leaving for Paris, it must be around the corner now?

  11. I have this BR dress and just happened upon your blog today!I wore it to my daughter's HS graduation back in May and haven't worn it since! What a great way to wear it in the fall/winter! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Amy, Ice Man was my favorite, though I never liked him doing that weird ice-chomp thing. I take it back. He's a weirdo. But me likes the movie anyway. The attitude is soooo on of the pilots. he he

    Tippy, My mom got him a Harvard one when he was very little but he outgrew it so quickly! An oxford one would have been very cool! Maybe this winter we'll find a Sorbonne!

    Chasing Davies, I know, it wasn't a dress I was particularly "after," but it had gone way on sale and then I think I got an additional % off so I pulled the trigger. I'm glad I did. It comes in handy - can never go wrong with black and white!

    Jemma, Girls with bottomless pit closets... blog alot about their closets. I'm glad I have you as a friend in the blogosphere. Makes me believe I'm not alone in the universe with the serious clothing obsesh's! We leave on Friday!! I'm so excited! Thank you for all the great advice. I saw you agreed with Ema about Mt St Michel. You guys rock. I love that I have my own private travel guru's! When do you leave for Norway?

    txmom,what a coincidence! Very cool you have this dress! Take some IRL's of the outfit if you ever wear the dress this winter!