Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear Santa, I Need $468 to Buy All That I Covet From the New Roll-Out...

Aaah, yes. The J.Crew-Crack Habit Continues. Perhaps Santa can a help a girl out with that.

Newest Members to My Closet:

Darlings can I even say how much I love the check shirt in navy? It is
charming and yes, tres popular this season. I wonder sometimes how much of the item I truly love and how much of my brain is trained to like it, a la Pavlov's Dog, from the marketing and styling gurus at J.Crew. Whatever the case may be, I was hooked and it had me at Hello. It's been purchased and is on its way.

I am envisioning styling with black denim and my mid-calf motorcycle boots, very similar to the Vintage Roadsters at J.Crew right now:

Also coming home to Momma is the new Le Bal d'Hiver tee. I thought it was different and very cute. & you can't go wrong with cream and black. & feathaz...

Now, for the Covetables.

I love the idea of a simple silk skirt. But for $98, not so simple anymore, eh? This skirt belongs somewhere near $49.99. When it hits someplace close to that, I'll be all over it. But for now, I covet. Because I want to wear it with my Bal d'Hiver tee, some black pointelle tights, and motorcycle boots.

Silk Flair Skirt, $98

Now I've been talking about coats and I really love this one. The minute I saw it I sighed and said, "Paris....." It is all the things I've been picky about and want and need in a coat. Ahem... 1) A little bit military inspired (the double breasted ness). 2) It is not boxy and still feminine. 3) It is not too short nor too long. & 4) It has some sort of interesting detail (the collar). J.Crew description even calls it Vintage Parisian inspired. It was meant to be. It must be mine but gaaaaahhhh, really J.Crew, $325?? Me thinks a 20% off email would be all the motivation I need for this, but the 20% off would be a requirement for me to even date this sucker and put it in my cart.

Double-Cloth Ingenue Coat, $325

It's also very swoon-worthy in the Dusty Blossom color, though me thinks pink in Paris may seem a little, well, Un-Paris like. But it's a gorgeous color and it shows off the coat's features so nicely in this shade. I can realistically afford only 1, especially $325, and in that case I would buy it in black. But that doesn't mean I can't stare at the pink one and just wish I could rock the pink one, too.

Double-Cloth Ingenue Coat, $325

Now here's a simple tee I overlooked my first go-round but I think would be cute for the holidays layered in some way. I am loving and I mean loving those whimsically, sparkly, gold antlers! They say "Holiday" in a great subtle way and are perfectly serene on the background color of the tee. I couldn't get both Le Bal d'Hiver and this tee, but when this puppy goes $29.99, it'll be on like Donkey Kong.

Beaded Antler Tissue Tee, $45

Again, I'm kind of still catching my breath over prices. I'm excited the holiday roll-outs are starting. It always puts me in a festive mood!

Did you pick out anything from the new roll-out? Is anything on your wish list?


  1. ohh I love your choices, specially the coat! Ohhhhhhh

  2. Great choices! The navy check shirt is also on the way to my house. I had planned to pair it with black, just as you did. I LOVE the pink coat. I completely understand your need to fit in in Paris and the black will be perfect, but that pink coat is so beautiful!

  3. I'm gonna ask Santa for the same thing as you!!! I luve the Ingenue Coat too--but in the berry color! VERY CUTE POST!!!

  4. LOVE the feathers! And I'm diggin' how you styled the button down with moto boots!

  5. I have the checked shirt already and I LOVE it!!!

  6. @TOOTD: Thank you thank you! Did you end up getting anything?

    @Kathy: I love that shirt! Congrats on the great buy! You and I are on the same page with the pairing black with it.

    @Yogagirl:The berry color is so so pretty on that coat. I swear I would be happy with it in every single color they offered.

    @Stephanie: Thanks! Hoping it works IRL!

    @Kristin: Me too - put a feather on my shirt and I'm a happy girl. & I'm obsessed for my moto boots right now! Thanks!

    @MMM: That's cool to hear - It's crazy we're all obsessed for a button down, but it's so perfectly simple. Congrats!

  7. I love the Ingenue coat as well but I have too many I am considering selling my Carrie from last year to justify getting this one to replace it lol.

  8. @tres tippy - LOL - me too. I have the Carrie in Heathered Acorn. Me thinks it needs a new home so the Ingenue can take its place. This coat is much talked about... The next 20% off and more than a few girls will end up getting it. That's my prediction. :-)

  9. I *adore* that checked shirt. Somehow I missed it when looking through the rollout, so thank you for pointing it out! And the Antler tee is so cool too. If the beaded angel wasn't already in my cart ( both colors, sigh) it would so be going in there.

    Speaking of my cart, there's a lot in there, but I, too, am holding off for (at least) 20% off. Hopefully it will come around Thanksgiving time. For right now I am only making teensy orders if I see something I truly love about to go out of stock.

  10. @goldenmeans: Angel tee? Wha??? Me thinks I must go back and peruse again. :-)