Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lazy Sunday in All Its Glory

Today's lazy day outfit was all in the name of comfort and moping around the house, the way a great Sunday should be spent.
Sweater: J.Crew Marled Wool Cardigan
Black Leggings: Tart from Saks
White T-Shirt: Juniors Dept at the P/X
Boots: Nine West Takedowns
Necklace: Tiffany Elsa Peretti tear drop

Me loveth the comfiness of flat boots.

The baby & I, being on our own since Hubs is enjoying some down time in Chicago with his brother, decided to go to the wonderful little pancake place down the street for breakfast, Jakkepoes. Sooo not on my low carb diet but so what. It's Sunday. That's reason enough.

The neighborhood.

The goods.

Then we popped into Starbucks for a mommy-pick-me-up and lo and behold, they had the most GORGEOUS Bodum French Press. Me loveth the french press. It's the way I make my coffee at home most days, but the one I'd been using was a little too small for my liking (and didn't feed my caffeine addiction nearly enough). So I thought, OMG the color on this one! & I need a bigger one. I need a bigger one, right? So how perfect that I would find you, gorgeous french press from Bodum! I needed you and here you are! Well, after that dramatic fanfare I needed a new holiday mug, because well, because. So here is the new french press, in all it's gorgeous holiday metallic red glory, looking fine and fabs in my kitchen.
I'm kind of a small time Bodum fan and find everything about their products so interesting. I recently bought a bunch of their glasses and love them because they're double-walled which nicks that condensation issue. Your glass never breaks a sweat, never leaves a ring on the table. It just sits there. Looking purdy.

Lookin' good, Good Lookin'!


  1. The french press is so pretty! I am not a coffee drinker, but others in the family are and one of these french presses showed up on my counter this week. Of course, the owner did not know how to use the french press and there was coffee grains all over the place. Starbucks gets the cutest collection of holiday mugs, but my fav holiday item is the Cranberry Bliss Bar! I will go out of my way and stand in the long line for one (2 or 3) of those!

    Have a relaxing sunday!

  2. I know it's early and it's commercial but I can't help but love the way Starbucks just makes my holiday! I'm already feeling cheerful and it's mainly due to a new holiday cup and a red french press! Amazing! I laughed over your mention of coffee grinds everywhere. I can relate.

  3. It sounds like the perfect day. I love your outfit, too. I own a Bodum French Press from, love, love it. I collect the starbucks city mugs as well as their seasonal mugs. Think I will stop in today to get a skinny latte and their holiday blend of coffee after me and my BF pig out at out local breakfast spot:-)It's part of our Sunday after church ritual. Have a great day!

  4. love the cardigan on you.
    how is the fit? is it true to size?
    i am enjoying your blog!

  5. your outfit--marled cardi/leggings and boots is tres fabulous!!! Luvee that you have a ritual after Church--how sweet!

  6. I wore the same cardigan yesterday with my skinny jeans. It looks longer on me than on you. I'm 5'5". I love your look with the boots. :-)
    I have some Bodum tea pots/cups and a French press. I love their design and functionality. I don't drink coffee much these days but I may have to try the holiday blend. :-)

  7. @Patina: I collect the City Mugs, too! Everywhere I go, I have to stop and get one. It's to the point where other people on trips think of me and grab one wherever they are. Japan seems to have 1 for each prefecture, I swear. You could have a closet-full from Tokyo alone! My favorites are Bangkok, Hong Kong and London.

    @Ina: The fit I think is TTS, though I think I could have sized down to a Small. I grabbed a M. It's comfortable! & thanks for saying you enjoy the blog! I love - LOVE - finding all of you and chatting with everyone!

    @Yogagirl: Pancakes and Starbucks are my new weekend addiction! LOL.

    @JCMama: I thought the same think too, that it looked shorter on me than other IRL pics I've seen of other JCAs. Not sure why and I'm only 5'4". The holiday blend is nice and spicy. I tried it yesterday at the store. Japan's Starbucks have the best customer service I think I've ever seen. I was in there for about 10 minutes, I got 2 samples (1 coffee, 1 tea), 2 people to help me with my press, and then the bag was walked out to me and presented to me when they were done wrapping it up!

  8. you inspired me today. i didn't stop in starbucks, i went to my local barnes and noble store which has a starbucks inside. I had a great time there and even found a Maryland City Mug!!! I was thrilled. People bring me city mugs also. My favorites are New York, Qatar, and the Philippines. I have 20 so far. While there I picked up the 2010 Shoe Calendar and a bag of starbuckx holiday blend coffee.

  9. Oh Patina that is so cool you went to Starbucks today! Maryland - I don't have one of those. Qatar??? Really?? Very cool stuff, lady.

  10. That sweater! So cozy looking! And I've actually never heard of non-sweating glasses - HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD ABOUT THESE? I am all for non-ring leaving glasses, because coasters are too finicky for me. I hope you've enjoyed a big cup of joe with your new french press!

  11. He he, Amy, you NEED these glasses! They are just too cool! Coffee is wonderful (especially when you can have more than 1 cup, which was the limit of my last little mini french press)! Have a great day!