Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Dress Possibilities for those not on the Shopping Ban

There is definitely a plethora of gorgeous holiday dresses this year. I have only a few parties this Christmas and then it's off on our trip and I am envisioning more than a few shopping trips over the winter break. But these dresses... looooooove.

First up, Tucker The Dress $330 at Piper Lime. Silk. Envisioning a gorgeous feminine drape off of this one. & the color is perfect for the holidays. However... the price is too rich for my blood. Especially with how my December is turning out to be. I am sooooo on the personal shopping ban until I leave for our trip. I know it will be worth it to wait but it's so hard to be strong when there are such cuties out there! Too bad because I would love to see this one IRL.

This is Plenty by Tracy Reese, $295 again at Piper Lime. I love the coquettish look of the dress with its short puffy skirt. & the whole black-lace-overlay lace noir thing totally had me at hello. Um, some serious downward dogs would need to have been done for me to show off mah shoulders in this one. I think this is my favorite, but again, the price...

A more economical option here, from Victoria's Secret. This is the Lace Boatneck Dress and it's $129. I love the 3/4 sleeves on this one and I think the neckline is sooooo elegant. I also dig the scalloped edge of the skirt, but I wonder how skin tight this baby is, or how cheapy that underlayer feels in real life. Anyone seen / have / tried this one? I think this one is divine. No accessories needed. I am very curious. This is a gorgeous dress.

Last option is also from Victoria's Secret, the Strapless Lace dress, $79. Again, the scalloped lace edge of the skirt is fab-oo. I would have to cardi-party this one. I'm not really into the whole shoulder-showoff thing. Again, the lace noir look is gorgeous.

Anyone see anything out there they just had to have this holiday season? Have you seen any cute dresses you just can't get out of your mind?


  1. I feel your pain! I seriously do not need anymore dresses, but I just love all of the dresses and clothes this year. I just got an email from anthropologie and I am drooling over the sweaters even though there is no way I can wear such a thick sweater here. When are you leaving for your trip? Have you decided what to take with you yet? :-)

  2. I love the #2 and #3 dresses. Gorgeous!
    I am glad that I am not attached to any dress at the moment....but I found another stuff! I went crazy this weekend shopping cute stuff for my "future new home".

  3. Oh, that Tucker The Dress is just stunning!! I too have overspent dramatically, no treats for me, but otherwise that would so have me tempted :) The Rachel by Rachel Roy Lace and Bricks dress is another lace noir beauty I've had my eyes on, and I probably would have thrown caution to the wind by now, except it is way too short for my height, le sigh.