Friday, November 27, 2009

Where is my Bedazzler & the Ingenue Coat Arrives!

Ladies do you remember the Bedazzler? That fabulous home appliance that fastened rhinestones to whatever you wanted back in the decade a few of us try not to remember, the 80's? My mom was the Queen of Bedazzlement. She was / is crafty and as I've mentioned earlier, tres chic, and thus of course had one. She bedazzled tons of things of mine; a denim jacket I can for sure remember was an early victim - er, example - of her creations. If you are unfamiliar, I'll give you the scoop. You took a strong backing piece of metal that the rhinestone was set in, hooked it thru the material, set the stone and the -- poof! -- you pressed down on the gun and the stone was then set in place. All the little doo-dad did I guess was set the prongs for you.
My point is -- I bought the jeweled tee from J.Crew that was $19.99 -- the name completely escapes me and it is no longer on the website -- and I wish J.Crew had just used the Bedazzler to get these babies on here!

Because when I look at the monstrous stone that is on the right side of the shirt - this huge, HUGE, stone is connected to this very thin shirt by a thread! Literally, a thread! Thank goodness I paid $16 for this thing ($19.99 plus 20% off) instead of the $55 or so J.Crew wanted FP!

If this shirt makes it thru 3 washes (I'm being very realistic, here) with all jewels attached, I will be surprised. Because this stone is heavy. If they had used the Bedazzler, those suckers wouldn't come loose. They wouldn't dare...

& now on to prettier topics... like the Ingenue Coat that has driven me mad during the last INSIDER promo. It's here, ladies. & me looooooooves. J'adore you, Ingenue coat. For serious.

Sleeve length is good, fit at the bust is good. Neckline is completely adorable, if not a little mashed from the shipping and travel. Length is just a tad bit shorter than I would have preferred but because the body fits great (& I tried on with some layers underneath) and the sleeves are not needing my cute little tailor's help, I am a happy girl, nonetheless.

Next post, wardrobe ideas for...


  1. girl girl girl, the coat!!! oh that coat!! perfect on you, actually MAGNIFIQUE!

  2. Love the coat and it looks fabulous on you! I wear a size 4 and do you thin the Petite 6 will fit well on me (I'm 5'5")?

    I recently got that jewel tee and haven't washed it yet. I hope it holds up to it... I like your idea about bedazzle and I think it will hold up better than hand sewn on the thin shirts.

  3. Gorgeousness. I love the coat. Girl, I left that tee alone. Thank goodness you paid a low price ;-)

  4. TOOTD, I'm very happy with the coat! I'll have to show you this week!

    jcmama, I find the measurements on the website for 1 size larger than your usual, but in petite, to be pretty close to my true size. So the 8P worked well as a stand in for a 6. My worry is that I'm 5'4" and it is a little shorter than I would like, so it may be even a little shorter than that on you. Also take that into consideration with the sleeve length. The sleeves work well on me but you can see what happens when I lift my arms up to take the pic, too.

    Gigi, He he, I got a good laugh out of the remarks about that tee. I see it's on eBay (of course) for $39.99. Oh ney. So not worth it!!

  5. I looooove the coat, I am so glad you got the black one you wanted in the end, it looks fab on you! I love the bit about the bedazzler, I had a flashback! ha ha ha. Those jeweled tees from teh crew are just not woerking for me, I completely agree if you get three washes from it, you are doing really, really good!

  6. I am gaga for your ga-ga-ga-gorgeous coat!! (and best of luck with the tee!)

  7. Jemma, this tee is really cheap looking compared to the Masquerade one. Really disappointing! Hence, $19.99 I guess.

    HeidiG, Thank you! It was a totally "worth-it" buy!

  8. The coooooat! AHHH! It's beeeautiful! I'm glad the fit is wonderful, too. As for the stones on that tee, I have no idea how J.Crew expects that to make it through ONE, let alone THREE, washes. What do the wash instructions say?

  9. ooh thanks for sharing pics of the ingenue IRL! i really want it but need a longer coat as well :(

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