Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tease Me Baby Til I Lose Control..

I don't want to be ungrateful or anything, but stop the insanity, J.Crew. I realize we are on a schedule here and we are trained very well to expect a push of the sale merch prior to any new rollouts, but really now. I just posted how I need -- NEED (in caps, yes, in caps) -- an extra 20% off the Full Price goods. How serendipitous, how ironic, that you should push the EXTRA20 code my way but have it not apply to any of the pieces that I covet.

But the deal was just too good. I mean, yes, it wasn't any of the items I blogged about in my last post, which I still fully intend to keep first and foremost in my mind. With that being said, it's an extra 20 plus free shipping - the deal we all complain about when both a) free ship and b) % off, are not in tandem (well, that I complain about).

Simple Thing for Moi #1: Textured Jersey Silk Corsage Tee in White, $24.99 + 20% Off

Simple Thing for Moi #2: Dressy Jersey Pleated Pilar Dress in Shadow, $59.99 + Extra 20%

I found some simple pieces for myself, obviously. But you know, I need the simple, too. Life can not be all Ingenue coats and Silk Evening Primrose Dresses. Did anyone get the bateau neck jersey dress from last year? I love that dress for its easy wash-n-wear. It's as gorgeous with flip-flops as it is with heels. I'm hoping for the same out of Pilar, here. As Miranda Priestly says, "Am I reaching for the stars here? No, I don't think so."

The bulk of what I bought is under wraps, super secret-like, because they're Christmas gifts. & since my mother and others are sometime-readers of my blog, I'm unfortunately not going to be able to go into what I got.

But Mom, it's goooooood.



  2. Exactly, that's what I'm talkin' bout!

  3. oh, i would have loved a 20% off of anything, but I would have hurt myself, so it's good that the sale section is anorexic. I do own the corsage tee and love it. I want it in other colors, but I swear, I have 3 tee with flowers on the side, but the white tee is calling my name.