Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let the Gingham Times Roll (Ouch, even I have to say that's corny...)

Here's a close up shot of the Gingham "Checked Shirt" in Vintage Navy I just received this weekend from J.Crew. Very happy with the feel of it. I think I could comfortably hang out in this all day. It's a Sunday afternoon outfit, for sure. I wore it to yum cha with a friend and felt relaxed and put together while I scarfed down my favorite dim sum dumplings.
Wearing today:

J.Crew Cotton Checked Shirt in Vintage Navy
J.Crew Chiffon Rosette Cardi in Navy
Denim leggings, Uniqlo
Black leather riding boots, Nine West Takedown

Photo of my boots up close and personal-like.

As a preview of what's to come (and I know I have more than a few posts I owe -- ahem ahem, talking 'bout you, Stardust Pencil Skirt), here's a close up of the new Le Bal d'Hiver tee that came in the mail. It's not feathers, like I thought. The feathers are chiffon in a fantastic overlay with some gorgeous gunmetal colored jewels. They look colored that way in the photo because of the flash. I have to say I pulled this tee out and was a very happy girl. Now that it's 20% off, I'd definitely get it for Christmas gifts. The fabric is the ringspun, but I have to say it feels different - a little more stretchy than the ringspuns past (am I just imagining that?) and a feel that won't quit on you and stretch out by the end of the wear. Yes, I have to say I like this one. More IRLs to follow.

Have a great rest of your weekend ladies!


  1. oh, i love the checked shirt on you. it's very nice and doesn't have that "down on the farm" feeling. I am curious about the Le Bal d'Hiver tee, but haven't taken the plunge.

  2. Ema from My Closet My Baby & I also has IRLs of the Le Bal tee. I think you'd like it! & agreements on the gingham. It can go "ho-down" real fast!

  3. I love your weekend outfit! I do have this shirt, but the pattern seems to move when I look in the mirror, so I am still undecided. It does not look as good on me as it looks on you!

  4. I have the Checked/Gingham Shirt as well and I had no idea that I would love it as much as I do- It really is a great shirt (even though it is a bit over priced!)!

    I also just ordered the Masquerade Tee (w/ the 20% off promo- whoo hoo) so I'm glad to hear that you were a " very happy girl" when you first saw it~ that's always a good sign! ;) I am anxious to see your IRL pictures of you wearing it!!

  5. it looks like we both dim sum-ed this weekend! i love that navy checkered shirt and find myself wanting to wear it every weekend. i ordered the grey one as well...which totally goes against my attempt at not purchasing multiples but i really couldn't help myself, it's such a great shirt!

  6. Adorable weekend outfit! I'm just starting to fall for the plaids, uh oh!
    Thanks for the post of the masquerade tee, as I ordered it, and can't wait to see it IRL. I was sick and did not get to the store on Thurs. or this weekend. Glad I waited, b/c the tee promo was great!

  7. @TOOTD: Thank you, girl!

    @Kathy: I had to tame the gingham with the cardigan. Once I had the cardigan on, it all felt a little better. Before the cardigan... wooh!

    @MMM: Agreed it's overpriced, but I think I was seduced by all the outfits it was styled with/in before it was rolled out. I'm a sucker for marketing ploys! Drop me a line when you get the tee! I'm excited to see you get it!

    @Tres Tippy: Dim sum is how every Sunday should be spent! I'm guilty of the multiples thing. The grey is in my cart. :-)

    @Suzy: Tell me when you get the tee and what you think! I was very surprised. I liked it much more IRL than I did online!

  8. Cuuute! You look so casual chic! I'm super excited to see the stardust pencil skirt, and the tee looks great too! I contemplated getting it during the promo, but decided against it because I was afraid of how it'd have to be laundered.