Monday, November 16, 2009

Why is My To-Do List Miles Long?

There's a mosquito in the house. There's a mosquito biting my arm and it's completely driving me crazy. I am not one for the outdoors. Which is ironic given my outfit today. Serengeti dress and sooo not the outdoorsy type. Getting ready for work today I felt I needed the Sasha Fierce that the Serengeti dress brings. There is no way I can have a bad day when I am in Collection. & Yup. Definitely not the outdoorsy type.

Wearing Today:
J.Crew Collection Serengeti dress from Fall 08
Banana Republic cotton brown cardigan
J.Crew skinny patent belt (in unnamed wine color)
Coach kitten heels with brown suede captoes and "c" canvas print

The best part about the Serengeti? I got it as a popback in Final Sale for about $79. I don't know about you but to me, I love the dress even more because of the great deal!

Hope the work week flies by for all of you!


  1. i love it!! i looks gorgeous on you. have a great week

  2. hi. thanks for stopping by my blog. i love the entire look. collection and can't go wrong.:)

  3. I love the pop-back! Those items mean so much more to me than a regular purchase. You look so nice today and very slim!

  4. @Patina: Thank you - Have a great week as well - let us know if you find anything cool in that gift shop of yours. I've got to go there one day (dreaming about it since those ballet flats you bought).

    @OneFashionDiva: I couldn't agree more - Coach & Collection - couple of my favorite "C's".

    @Kathy: I couldn't agree with your statement more! The pop back is such a meaningful and special thing. I just wish my husband understood that, too! Thank you for the slim comment. It's the print, I think! Hiding the goods!

  5. BEAUTIFUL dress Marisa!
    I have the serengeti tank and I love it :-)

  6. Beautiful dress! I love how you put the cardigan over it too! BUT, a mosquito in the house is bad news! I hate mosquitoes. HATE!!! Yes, three exclamation points worth of loathing, haha!

  7. you make me laugh! you know I love the serengeti!

  8. @missmasala: I wish I had gotten the tank too. I can't get enough of it!
    If it ever shows up as a popback and I find it... that would be dreamworthy. Hope you post pics of it if you wear it one day! I would love to see it!

    @amy kelinda: Totally 3 exclamation points. I think they like me best too. Hubs NEVER gets bit.

    @TOOTD: I know. Take pics of the tank! I know you have it, too! Your tights were FAB today, BTW. I hope you took pics!

  9. that is such a great deal on that dress! btw, i've been adding *color* to my wardrobe (shocking, i know)and its been working out well so far. marisa, we can finally stop avoiding colors :D

  10. Gorgeous dress! I will forever thnk of this as the one that got away. I'm surrently stalking one on EBAY but I'm wondering about the sizing. I used to be a solid 6 in J Crew from 2006-2007. In 2008 they started doing funky things with sizing and I found I could wear a 4. Is the dress fitted in the hip area or does it have some give? I'm afriad I would be swimming in the top of the 6 but I don't want to look like a sausage in the 4.

    Thanks for any help. My husband is also military and we are overseas, so I depend on the blogs as well.

  11. love the dress, you definitely achieved fierce- and classy!

  12. Heyyy Missy--I lurve the Serengeti! PRETTY!