Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Stardust Pencil Skirt is Worth It!

I found the smallest J.Crew box I've ever received today in the mail. It was teeny, which is odd, given The Crew's penchant for larger-than-life-we-didn't-know-about-any-recession packaging. Oh but inside was something magical and larger than life. The Stardust Pencil Skirt in the Gunmetal color is here, ladies, and it is all sorts of fabulous. The color is pretty accurate as to what's shown online and the sequins are small, delicate and scattered organically I like to think, across the skirt itself. I have to say it did not disappoint, as the J.Crew Collection Dulce did. That one has been wrapped and will go back to J.Crew tomorrow. At $118, this skirt's price point is worth it. If this goes on sale or promo later, it will be a super deal.
My customs declaration form calls it a "Sequin Lace Skirt," which got my attention because there's nothing of that in the description online. But upon closer inspection you should be able to see that there is a web weaved behind the sequins. You can see my hand in the background of the material. I was trying to hold it up so you could see the translucence in the material.
Laying flat you can see the waist band, which is a very nice silk. I would say the skirt runs TTS, if not just a teensy bit on the smaller side. I took my normal size 6 and it fit great. But there is no "give" in this skirt so there will be no stretching. If you are betweens sizes I would definitely recommend maybe sizing up.

I'll post IRL pics tomorrow when I have more time and am not fighting away sleep. What do y'all think? Do you like it? Did you get it? Are you done with the sequins that seem to have overtaken everything at J.Crew? Are you on the shiny bandwagon?


  1. it looks beautiful on the pictures, cant wait to see your IRL pictures.

  2. Is it strange for me to admit that I'm REALLY excited to see your IRL pictures of the Stardust skirt? I'm going to live my sequined skirt fantasies through you, haha! It looks really lovely so far!

  3. I need to see it on you!

    I think the lesson learned here, is always go with your first instinct. I mean you were sweatin' this skirt as soon as it hit the Internets. Hope it works better than the other one that shall remain nameless.

    Can you let us know, how it fits? Pencil skirts drive me batty. I have a couple from J. Crew that work, but sometimes my body is too bootilicious for the style. I tried one on at Banana last week and it was a major fail. If it tapers in, my thighs are not happy. :)

  4. It's funny because I just ordered it in a P2 this morning (sort of a popback because it has been sold-out in that color for a while) with a "expect to ship" date of 12/27. Then I saw it in store! I tried a 0 and it fit quite nicely, maybe I will have to just cancel my order of the 2P even if I'm typically a 2P in pencil skirts. I have to say that I loved it IRL but it looked like it would fall apart quite easily (I mean the sequins).
    Can't wait to see it on you!
    PS did you receive my Gap invitation?

  5. That is so gorgeous! cant wait to see how you'd style it.

  6. I LOVE IT! I can't wait to see IRL pics. Actually, now I want one.

  7. i'm glad you like it! i tried it on during my appt with my personal shopper and it just didn't work for me but since it's sold out, i'd imagine its working for everybody else lol

  8. Ladies I had such a good time reading everyone's comments! It really makes my day to see all my friends in the blogosphere!!

    @ina: Thanks Ina! IRL's to follow shortly. I felt like such a fashion photographer last night taking pics of the skirt. I think the pics came out great and definitely do the skirt justice!

    @amy: Live the sequin life through me, Amy! lol I'll post IRLs soon. This day went by faster than I thought!

    @susan: You're SO right about instincts - the Voldemort skirt (He who shall not be named) is soooo on its way back to the Crew. It will make another JCA very happy. It just wasn't for me. I love this one!

    @ema: Ema thanks again for the coupon! It saved me about $60 and I really appreciate it! You are right about how delicate the skirt is - the sequins that is - It is not for those who snag things easily. This baby needs TLC!

    @missmasala: I'm not sure how I'm going to style it yet. I have 2 avenues I'm thinking of.. maybe I'll have to show both?? :-)

    @TOOTD:Get it, girl! This is a great piece! You'd love it!

    @tres tippy: I have to say I'm really into it. I'm glad I dated it for a while before I jumped on the skirt bandwagon before it went on serious backorder!

  9. OMG! That looks utterly spectacular! Can't WAIT to see your IRL's!

  10. I am on the shiny bandwagon BIG TIME, but not into this piece. My review of the copper stardust comes up on Thurs or Fri later in the week. I made a slew of posts as I won't be around, so I'm unsure of the date. Very excited to see the silver on you. Please drop a note on my blog if you think of it, once your post is up :-)