Friday, November 20, 2009

Ingenue Coat Adventures

The INSIDER 20% off promo yesterday caused a bit of a dilemma at 6am in my house. Followers of this blog may remember this post here where I said I loved the Ingenue coat and needed a 20% off promo to buy it. The coat had a full price of $325. With the promo it would then be slightly and minimally affordable at $260. But we're going to Paris for Christmas and New Years this year and the holiday warrants the purchase of a new coat (mais oui!). Now I don't do anything without overthinking each step of the process, so here's how the last few days have gone down:

Insider Promo Day 1: Stalk Ingenue Coat in Dusty Blossom & Black color. Fawn over Dusty Blossom. Pet computer screen. Discuss smart and chic-ness of Black and how it is perfect for Paris. Hem and Haw over which color I like best. Decide on BLACK. Put black size 6 in cart. Go to bed.

Insider Promo Day 2: Wake up promptly at 6am. Feel good about choosing black Ingenue (even though me loveth the dusty blossom fabulousness) coat. Log in to computer and check cart. & then... gaaaaaahhhhh.... find the dreaded orange ring of death around my beloved coat choice. You know the orange ring of death, right? The one that shows your cart item is now missing / removed / no longer yours to ogle. Size 6 black ingenues sold out (or might as well be... next availability? Jan 2010). PANIC SETS IN. Go back to coat page. Find dusty blossom -- the back up and close second choice -- also sold out in the size 6 until Jan 2010.

Lose all will to go on. Feel like cancelling Paris trip.

Then - light bulb moment - what about size 8 Petite?? I have a Carrie coat I bought earlier this year in a size 8 that is too big in the bust and too long in the sleeves. I wear an 8 Petite in pant length and conclude this may work. Check measurements of coat. Looks promising. Yes, they have black available. What am I waiting for? Add to cart and check out.

Spend rest of the day worrying about petite fit and if the coat will show up with incredibly short sleeves. Bite nails.

The Clincher: I came home from work, checked J.Crew and found --- HORRORS --- that now that the Insider promo is done, size 6 is available for immediate purchase. Miraculously, there is no wait til Jan 2010. If I want the size 6 in black, I can just push the button and ta da! Instant gratification... at 20% more than I paid that morning.

Feel wretched. (Looks for wine)

The end.


  1. OMG, I had the same thing happen today with J. Crew! So frustrating. Love the coat, though.

  2. Oh boo. You should email them, I bet they'll let you change your order the the size you want instead. That situation is annoying but I hope you end up getting the size you want.

  3. @Dr. Drama: Hate when stuff like that happens. Hope you get your similar situation worked out.

    @Summerilla: I'm going to try that. Thanks for suggesting it!

  4. ha ha ha, I also dread the orange ring of death! Its a beautiful coat- I hope it works for you and I cant wait to see pics!

  5. That's the kind of luck I have, Jemma. I just checked my email and see that it already shipped. Curious. So I can't go back and change the size (a great suggestion made by Summerilla). It's a conspiracy! Enough to make me want to boycott the Crew (but I have no willpower to do such a crazy thing).

  6. Unbelievable Mr. JCrew! I am sure the same thing happened to other 100 JCrewaficionadas but i am GLAD that you got the most beautiful color ever!

  7. What a funny post! I am hoping for you that the 8 petite works out!!!

  8. Geeeeez! I can't believe that happened! BUT, hopefully it'll fit perfectly and you won't have to worry about anything anymore. It's a very beautiful coat from what I've seen online, so I'm excited for you! However, if it arrives and it doesn't fit, you can always exchange it? Although that would take FOREVER. Sigh. Oh, J.Crew.

  9. OK. This story had me cracking up. You are so obsessive about the things you want. LOVE IT. But I do feel for your husband. :)

    Those bastards at J. Crew are playing cruel, evil mind games with you. NOT COOL!!

    If the coat doesn't work, you could just wear and old one to Paris and buy a fabulous new coat like IN Paris. My hubs and I went in May/June, and just OMG - the fashions are to die for. Of course 1 Euro equals 15 American cents, so it didn't make sense for me to go crazy with the shopping.