Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving, New J.Crew Purchases, and some IRLs

(Adam Sandler Turkey Song playing in the background)

Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday of the whole year. I think because I just love turkey that much and love the traditions of gathering together for a great meal. I have the fondest thanksgiving memories, but none of them involve actually cooking the bird. I know. Aaaaah, turrrrkkkeeey, you complete me!

This is not to say that I wouldn't ever try, it's just I'm always an invited to guest (who brings lovely side items in plural) and my Japanese oven is ridiculously little (like 6-count muffin pan size, good enough for a medium chicken or a small pizza). Well this year I've come down with a nasty cold and can hardly taste my Theraflu, much less my beloved turkey. I'm on the mend and am hoping this clears up before tomorrow night.

Black & White fabulousness... on Tar-jhay Simply Shabby Chic sheets. LOL

& back to the J.Crew crack addiction...
Hubs has done the mail runs in the last few days (bless his heart for not mentioning the J.Crew boxes delivered en masse) and I received the silk black peony hair clip - slash -pin which now seems to have disappeared from the website. I thought it would be a cute addition to tons of outfits and multipurpose. When it showed up I had the idea to add it to my opera pearl strand. So here it is (all gussied up on my undone bed... which has been my home while at home since I've been sick).
With the opera pearl strand tripled up.

& then because it was so fancy, I had to pull out a dress to go with it. I couldn't wear it with my goofy PJ's, though I know you all would understand.

Wearing the J.Crew silver-shot tweed dress from last fall.

I also took advantage of the Extra 20% this evening (well, evening over here) and bought a few things:

I have wanted this top - The Frances Cherry Blossom top - since I first started stalking J.Crew not too long ago. & I refuse to pay the ridiculous eBay prices!! So here it is! Final price: $31. Not too shabby.

& the Olive top. I bought the other color FP when it was released. This one? $47!! This is a great deal, ladies. This top looks fabulous with the Minnie pants in black. It is si Jackie O.

Finally, the Jeweled Garland Bracelet. I wanted this one from the get-go but couldn't justify a bracelet for the full price this one started at. I have been thinking how great those vintage looking jewels would look in my grubby little hands, given I don't have anything else like it. Hoping it will work!

As an extra special OOTD, here's my little guy wearing Crewcuts to school - Everything but the shoes, which are Chuck Taylor's, not J.Crew's favored Jack Purcell's. A little cardigan, a little camp shirt and we are good to go. That's how my kindergardener rolls.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Ladies! Enjoy your time off!


  1. OMG! I LUVE all your purchases! I had the Frances in the Cherry Blossom...but my Sister Confiscated it!
    Your Son looks adorable in his Crew gear.
    What a cutie pie!

  2. Love the necklace w/the pin. So cute! You will love the olive top. I think it will be so great for you for work & for casual wear. I think the bracelet is pretty, too. Plz post irl pics when you get it.

  3. I love the cherry blossom top! It is so bright and cheery. Great job with the pearls and pin and it looks excellent with the dress.

    I hope you feel better and are able to taste the turkey! I am sure looking at your adorable son makes you feel good all over!

  4. The platinum tweed dress has been in my wishlist for so long and I cant find my size. It looks absolutely stunning on you with the necklace!
    Happy Thanksgiving Marisa!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    yogagirl, I know how that feels. My sister confiscates my things all the time! We're adults but my parents are still having to play "repo guy" so I can get my things back (um, Chanel sunnies? yeah....)

    gigi, I will def post irl pics when I get it. I thought the pin was so cute!

    Kathy, I'm hoping I can enjoy the turkey!! I'll be soooo bummed if I can't. Have a great turkey day!

    missmasala, Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! & the tweed dress... I found it on eBay in 1 size larger than I normally take and it was priced not AS cutthroat as the usual sellers. I got it and consider it a MAJOR score! Just remember if you find it, you may want to consider 1 size larger. :-)

  6. Let me tell you.....the idea to put together the necklace and the pin flower, were marvelous !
    Last night I spent a few hours waiting for the new update, but at the end I didn't get anything...(the pieces I wanted, not my size). Anyways, when I saw the Olive Top, i thought: this is so Marisa!

  7. Your son is SO CUTE all dolled up in J.Crew! His mom sure knows how to dress him! ;)

    I love how you put the flower clip on the pearls - it really gives them an extra "oomph" if that makes any sense, haha! I love it with the dress too. I had the Frances cherry blossom blouse from years ago it seems, but sold it on the JCA exchange because I just never wore it enough and felt bad such a pretty thing was unloved! I hope you wear it because it really is a beautiful blouse! Feel better soon!

  8. oh my goodness your son is TOO cute!!!! he's os lucky to have such a stylish mom :) happy thanksgiving!

  9. your litte guy is sooooooooooo handsome. I would use other words like cute, precious and adorable, but I'm sure he wouldn't like those, so we'll keep it between the two of us.

    your pearl necklace it to die for!!! adding the flower pin....gorgeous!!!!

    happy thanksgiving to you and your family. i'm blessed to have such a wonderful group of women from all over the world who share my love of shopping.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Ladies!

    TOOTD, I wish you had gotten something you liked from the sale. I usually don't find much in FS that I have to have and size is always an issue, but you KNOW I had to have that top!

    Amy I love that top so much. Mostly because it has always been so elusive! I plan to wear it to the cherry blossom festival in Jan/Feb here!

    tres tippy I hope you have a glorious thanksgiving!

    Patina, I am thankful to have all of your opinions, comments, and fabilis words of encouragement! The blog world has really opened my eyes to different styles and great ideas and I cherish you girls!! Have a great Turkey day!