Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gotta Rave About the Apple

Helloooo, Vanderbilt dress. Are you truly as fabulous as you seem from your great pic? Will I also have as much carefree fun as this chick appears to be having if I too weareth you? Vanderbilt Dress, Silk, $118 at

Reading through Chloe's blog (like we all do), I saw this great dress and topic. It's about a clothing company called ShabbyApple that has a sort-of Anthropologie-esque vibe um, without the name brands and without the name-brand prices. Norman religions aside, if you just take it for face value and check out the fashion-y parts, then what you'll find are chic dresses (& only dresses). Some are a little too Man Men for my taste (Hello, Madison Avenue dress, I speaketh of you, darling), but some are pretty cute, pretty reasonably priced, and just plain... pretty!

There's a section called Fit to Flatter where you walk through three questions to determine your body type and then ShabbyApple comes up with some suggestions for dresses that flatter your shape. I found it to be pretty accurate and always love a little help or two when staring at the computer thinking, Would I really look good in that??

This is pretty much me. Apple body. Thinner legs, check. Thinner arms, check. "Fullness" through stomach? For sure, most assuredly, check.

What I found really interesting was their blog here. The article on how to shop online, for instance, I found really helpful. I live in Japan and am limited pretty much to ONLY shopping online and it's difficult to judge color, contrast etc. It's a helpful blog for people like me who aren't so savvy at knowing just what looks good with the goods I got.

Anyway, check it out! The dresses are pretty reasonable. They are pretty cute. & the guides to what looks best are fabulous. It made my day.

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