Monday, August 24, 2009

Did I Just Buy Mohair & Feathers? Really??

J.Crew Mohair Souffle Cardigan in Golden Olive, $88 and Feather pin (not seen online), $22.50

& I did. What can I say? I'm a sucker for texture, color and comfort. I played with the idea of the Mohair Souffle cardigan online. The last time mohair was "in," I was "out," a nerdy fifteen year-old, to be exact. But in the light of the B&M, and paired just-so, this mohair sweater is actually very attractive. Pictured and bought in the Golden Olive color, the cut stops at the lower hip, is slimming, IMO, and is incredibly soft and light. A whip of souffle, indeed. The pin was just too interesting to give up and matched the Golden Olive color very nicely. The backing allows it to be used in your hair (imagine it with a tousled and low chignon - si jolie, non?) or as a pin. It had me at hello. The two together, coupled with a simple tee and perhaps my Minnie black pants that have shipped (but are not yet in my possession), will be, in theory, a smart and elegant early fall outfit choice. Definitely not nerdy.