Thursday, August 20, 2009

In my cart at this very moment

I am intrigued by this top. The wool... the 3/4 sleeves... the draped neckline... the slubbed color... the darts. Yes. I think I likey. Alot. Very 60's. Very Betty Draper on a stay at home clean house day.
& look, with the Minnies... Yes, this is cute.
The Maya merino cardi is not *new*new, but still is SUPER cute and I love the twisted, drapey thing happening at the center. If you put a skinny belt around it, the look would be dissheveled librarian chic, which is oh so fetching, IMO.

& ... am I seeing things clearly? Is this Mrs. O's tweed skirt from her Vogue Magazine shoot from this past Spring? Well, I think it is. Here you are, honey, and at $158. I love me some tweed and I am fixated on this one. This is a no-arguments order. It's a must-have.

Um, ankle socks optional.

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