Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Loves

[Bidding on eBay: The simply fabulous Juliet in the Safari print... A few seasons old to the world but will be new to my closet]

[More eBay fun! Diane Von Furstenberg wool Ayuka dress in camel. A shift with a perfect neckline and a little bit 'o the forgiving in the middle. Photo credits to seller: nycdealfinder]
[Tocca Brigitte Eau de Parfum. A little bit of sassy for the office]

Update: I won both the shoes and the dress! Today's a great day! & perhaps soon, the IRL postings will begin.


  1. The question of the day:
    Do you really really love? If so, go for, the shoes is gorgeous!

  2. I love the shoes! They are a must for (my) ladylike fall wardrobe choices!

  3. The Juliet is only from Fall 08. You're not behind. It's a classic. I looove that dress.

  4. Thanks Gigi - Cross your fingers for me. I MUST have the dress and shoes!