Monday, August 10, 2009

IRLs Coming Shortly...

Thanks to all of you, I've been convinced to take a few IRL photos of my outfits, and I am going to comply... As soon as I get a full length mirror that I can take the photos with. The mirror I get dressed with now basically goes to my knees, and I want something I can show off mah shoes with. BTW, Hubby is laughing at the prospect of me taking photos of my clothes for strangers.

But ladies, he just doesn't understand! First, you aren't strangers! You are friends in the blogsophere who get my J.Crew addiction and share it. & for that, I think of you all as friends who know what I am going through - waiting on fall collections, disgust over pilling cashmere, variations in sizes, crazy-weird designs that you wonder what Jenna was smoking when she thought it up --- & how 90% of it is the most gorgeous, most fabulous, most wonderful designs you ever did see. Oh, how I am such a J.Crew lover.

Well. Don't lose faith in me. I am joining, as soon as I can get the mirror!