Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Case Against Ruffles

Ruffles have become a nuisance to me. Ruffles on tops. Ruffles on jackets [& I'm talking about you, Falling Petals, now $129.99 on sale]. Ruffles!!! I admit I was a ruffle connoisseur earlier this year. Couldn't get enough. I fell inlove with the J.Crew Elizabeth halter, proclaimed it the best top everrrr and then proceeded to buy not 1, not 2, but 3 of them (In black, ivory, and the navy shown here). I loved the ruffly collar. I bought the J.Crew Madison dress, again for the girlishness it brought. & speaking of girlishness! How about my J.Crew Serengeti dress - the grande dame of ruffly perfection. I have no problems with you, dear reader, loving ruffles. I just know my closet will be taking a break from frills.

[The Elizabeth Halter: Heading to eBay in the very near future for a very good price.]

[The Madison Dress: It's ruffles have seen their heyday. Back to the closet with you!]

[I could never be mad at you, Serengeti. You are lightning in a bottle, even with your ruffles.]

I'm done. I've had my fill and I'm walking away from the table, declaring ruffles a hot mess - YES, I SAID IT - and moving on to simpler pieces without them. Have you walked into Forever 21 lately? It is all ruffles, all the time. It is a literal sea of ruffles (& short 80's inspired floral party dresses). & for reasons that only fashion gods know - that right there is evidence that ruffles have jumped the shark.

But I can't give up the ruffle completely. Like mah loverly Serengeti - I'll never get rid of that dress. That dress had me at hello. I'll always have a little room in my closet for a ruffle or two. A little bit 'o flounce is a cute thing. But a menagerie of ruffles (which seems to be the case these days) is simply not acceptable. I draw the line, sir. I draw the line.

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  1. ohhh...yes...that Serengeti dress is to die for! Put up some IRL's of you in it--you and those ruffles get along just fine I bet!