Friday, August 21, 2009

Smells Like Couture

You have to love P&G for coming up with the fabulous brand that is Juicy Couture.
This gorgeous top came in the mail today. Juicy Couture Angel Polka Dot Jacquard blouse, purchased for what equated to the cost of my right kidney on eBay. But ohhhh, I am so smitten.
It showed up in this ugly, non-descript package that in no way could ever look as if it held such a cute top:
Of course, while trying to take a pic, Kaya has to jump in to smell the bag. & the seller said it came from a pet-free home... Kaya will tell me the truth, won't you, baby?
Close-up detail of the material and front of the blouse:

Had to take a photo of the back...
& finally... Moi! Feeling good!


  1. Juicy Couture is such a fun and fabulous brand. I like how they always add cute little touches to make the piece uniquely theirs. That top looks great on you, enjoy!

  2. ohmygosh that is so pretty!! i love the buttons up the back, and the print is *perfection.* worth the body-organ price i think :)