Monday, August 17, 2009

The Equipment has Arrived!

So I am almost a happy, organized girl... I'm getting myself situated here. I went out today and got a new "Blog Purposes Only" camera. Here's mah new baby, getting situated on my desk:

Hello, my pretty and useful little thing!

Here is the new camera next to the Big Daddy Camera's lens:
You're so tiny and cute!

& all this so that when I take IRLs, I don't make scrunched up faces like this:

Ha! WTF on the squinting!

This is moi, trying to look all cute (squinty one-eye and all) in a DVF flowy trapeze silk top, the fan eyelet mini skirt from J.Crew, and a black leather belt, cinched around the waist, also from J.Crew. I am actually tippy-toe-ing so I can get the skirt in the shot. Not the most fabulous of my moments, and at 7:00am, feeling somewhat hot-mess-like.


  1. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!!
    Your blog is turning in a master piece! Welcome to the IRL pics!!!
    You make me smile about your squinting picture.
    Very cute outfit!